want to make small amount of brownies

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by RREYES1316, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. RREYES1316

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    I want to use an eighth to make some brownies. what are the ratios and how many brownies can I get out of it. I wanted it for Disneyland. Unless you suggest another edible.
  2. Coelho

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    Well... the most important thing is to know how many doses you can get from 1/8. Take the number of times you would smoke with this 1/8 and divide by 1.5 or 2. (Im assuming that eating weed requires 1.5-2 times more weed than smoking). The result is the number of doses you can get from eating this 1/8.

    For example, if 1/8 is enough for you smoke 6 times, dividing 6 by 1.5 gives 4, and dividing by 2 gives 3, so it means you can get 3-4 doses from this 1/8.

    After knowing this, just make your brownies and divide the total number of brownies you got by the number of doses you calculated. The result is the number of brownies you will have to eat each time.

    For example, lets say that you made 24 brownies with the 1/8. If this 1/8 were equivalent to 3-4 doses (as calculated above), dividing 24 by 3 gives 8, and dividing by 4 gives 6, so it means you should eat 6-8 brownies each time.

    I hope this wasnt too complicated... in fact, it is very easy after you get it... explaining it makes it seem worse than it actually is...
  3. RREYES1316

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    I was going to make the cannabis vegitable oil called for in the brownie recipe. The pot I have soothes for 4 hours after two hits from my pipe--five gets me pretty ripped. I was going going to bake that in an 8 x 8 pan and cut that into 6 parts.

    I want to add that I am very new. Hope I can get some help along the way.
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    Eating weed effects people differently. For most you should have to eat less to get the desired effect than what you smoke. An average bowl is about .2g. So you get roughly 10-15 bowls from an eighth. When I make capsules I use an eighth and get about 20-25 capsules. One will mellow me out with a little fuzziness behind the eyes. 2 and I'm ripped. Some friends of mine will be off in lala land from just one of em. While another friend can eat 3 and say he feels nothing. If you make an eighth with bud that gets you good after 2 hits and totally gone by the 5th you can cut them smaller. Unless you want to be retarded walking around Disney Land. You don't need more to get baked off edibles, but the more you take the more messed up you'll be. Maybe try cutting one into much smaller pieces and it eat before you go. That way you can figure out the correct dose for you. Or, since you are planning to take the to DL just make capsules. They are stealthy and that way you know exactly how much you are consuming. Careful though, they will melt in heat. So don't keep them in your pocket. Especially if your walking around in the hot sun.
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