Wanted to know what you think of my new invention

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by jaytrav, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. jaytrav

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  2. emilya

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    sponsor the forum... then I will look at your link. I don't click on links from random spammers who steal advertising for their products
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  3. jaytrav

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    Emilya, how do I sponsor? It's a google survey link, nothing dangerous lol. I don't have a product yet, and not selling anything :) Just honestly want to know what people think.
  4. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    instead of a link, then how about pictures, descriptions etc... don't make me risk my computer just to check you out.... you came here, so be here. Don't expect us to follow you, we don't know you.

    you also have to understand how common it is for unscrupulous advertisers to lead people to a website and a sales campaign, by offering a survey or needing an opinion, or whatever. If you have a product, be honest, show it to us, and ask us what we think. If you want to start selling it here, contact management and see what it costs to place a banner ad. Spamming a forum is NOT a form of advertising that I will ever respond to.
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  5. jaytrav

    jaytrav Registered

    Thanks for your reply, Emilya. When I'm ready to sell I'm sure doing to go with ads options, I'll be the first one to pay. Now, there is no product yet and nothing to advertise, as I'm not selling it. Would a link to youtube video work? Here it is:

    Basically want to know if you like it or not, that's all. Thanks!
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  6. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    interesting idea
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  7. jaytrav

    jaytrav Registered

    Thanks :thumbsup:. Happy that you liked it. Any additional comments? Would you want to own one for yourself? Do you think people would want to own one? How much do you think people could pay for it?
  8. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    I would have to see someone using it, and see them enjoying its smooth delivery of smoke. Sometimes the science is right on products, but the art is not there, and I am wondering if this thing would be super harsh, or just how it hits in real practice. Then in the video, just about the point I was starting to wonder how I would clean this thing after smoking some of my outrageously resinous pot, you mentioned subscriptions for replacement tubes? Or was it the pipe part? You lost me....
    So so far, I am not quite convinced, so keep working on this... I like the concept, lets see the art.. the flash... sell me. Convince me that this is an enjoyable smoking device because I am not sure I want to own one yet. It does look cool though... and I love the stealth aspects of it and containing the stash and smell. I don't like this subscription idea though... what exactly are we getting?
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  9. jaytrav

    jaytrav Registered

    Emilya, omg this is very helpful. Thank you very much for your feedback. The subscription option is just an idea to see whether people actually want to pay some 5 bucks a month and get new glass pieces delivered every month so they don't have to clean it. But I want people to tell me what do they want to do - whether they want to clean the pipes themselves or save themselves from this hustle. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it :doublethumbs::doublethumbs::doublethumbs:
  10. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    An excellent idea.
    I wish you success.

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  11. jaytrav

    jaytrav Registered

    Thank you very much, Aloha! Comments like this keep me going! I started to print them out and post on my wall to get the daily dose of motivation :):):)
  12. Pupp

    Pupp Registered+

    Interesting concept, but I think the physics of inhaling through and increasing amount of ash as it piles up in the tube would be problematic, at best it would make the weed taste harsher and harsher as it burns down. At worst, it could have issues of staying lit as the burnt end slowly travels through the tube.

    I think the OP is more interested in getting people to buy replacement tubes as a way to make profit. Properly designed, the consumer shouldn't have to subscribe to a monthly supply of glass tubes. Hell, the consumer should only need to get a glass tube if the tube breaks. Clearly this guy doesn't know anything about the science of glass if he's going to be selling tubes that can't be cleaned, or expected to have a short lifespan due to breakage or something.

    Why doesn't he go with nearly unbreakable ceramic tubes? Sure it might cost the consumer $200 bucks for one using ceramic, but it it's nearly unbreakable and gives and awesome smoke, there would be a market for that. People will pay a premium for stuff that's extremely high quality and nearly unbreakable. But I think the issue's I pointed out need to be vetted out. This guy cooks up an idea and doesn't even have a prototype built yet....
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  13. jaytrav

    jaytrav Registered


    Thank you so much for your comment. In fact, I do know something about glass and I've been working on this for the past year or so :) And I do have a prototype and it works perfectly, just as stated :) and the point for it is not to stay lit, but rather relight it every time you're ready to take a hit - so you don't waste any plant material going up in smoke. And this is exactly how the thermodynamics of it work :)

    On the side note, ceramics break even easier then borosilicate, correct me if I'm wrong? And you can def clean the glass, no prob. But do you want to? :) I don't lol, it creates a huge mess in my sink lol. I dk, your opinion is very interesting :)
  14. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    Basically, it's a drilled-out one hitter, with a sealed case. (albeit glass) What is the price point?
    Is that the selling point, odor control? There are some really sweet travel pipes in the $30-40 range.

    I don't see any real advantage over a one-hitter bat and case.
    The container looks a bit ungainly. Most would likely prefer something slimmer and flatter. Bottles are awkward. (unless you carry a purse)
    Personally, I'd rather reload a one hitter, than pull additional hits through the ash column.
    Most weed only requires a hit, or two. :D

    Cleaning shouldn't be an issue, ever.
    Soak in alcohol, done. Zero mess.
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  15. jaytrav

    jaytrav Registered

    EvilCartman, thanks for your feedback too, really appreciate it. Where are you guys located? This is the US forum, right?

    Also, what is albeit glass? :D
  16. Wagonweed

    Wagonweed Registered+

    It's worldy around here.
  17. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Albeit = in spite of the fact that.

    Or, Although it is glass.

    As for ash, I do use glass one hitters for outstanding bud and have no problem lighting through ash, or puffing out the ash.
    Maybe I'm missing something here?
    I'd have to try it before I could responsibly knock it, yah?

  18. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    Weeze covered this, thanks. ;)
    Was merely pointing out that most mobile hitters are of different construction. Most being metal, wood...
    I'd view the glass as a positive aspect, especially with regard to cleaning.

    I've had a few travel-tokers over the years. There have been some very similar to this, where you pack a cylinder for multiple hits.
    The issue always became the ash. Getting knocked around in transit and day-to-day regular use, the ash becomes problematic.
    I'd rather expel it, than carry it around. Eliminates the problem. Personal preference is all it is. :welcoming:

    Not trying to knock the idea. Just playing the Devils advocate. :devil:
    I see the ash handling as an issue.
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