**WARNING** Clear Rolling Papers, Don't smoke them!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by SFGurrilla, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. SFGurrilla

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    The Question
    Do you smoke glycerin?

    The Advertisement
    Looks like plastic - but it isn't!
    100% natural paper - 80% cellulose, 14% glycerin, 6% water

    The cellulose used in normal papers is processed to a greater degree and in this process chlorine (the bleaching agent) is used [Chlorine is not healthy!]
    Also various heavy metals and poisons - such as lead and arsenic - are used in the production of normal paper, all bad stuff which is not needed in the manufacture of the transparent paper. In short - Our papers have no "extra stuff" that you and I don’t need, or which is even harmful to us, in them.

    The transparent papers adds absolutely NO taste or smell to the smoking experience, thus ensuring you the pure taste of the tobacco.
    Our transparent paper burns slowly and evenly and bottom line is that you do less harm to your self and the planet when you smoke your tobacco or herb.

    The Science
    "In organic chemistry, acrolein or propenal is the simplest unsaturated aldehyde.

    Acrolein is described as having a piercing, disagreeable, acrid smell. Skin exposure causes serious damage. Acrolein concentrations of 2 ppm are immediately dangerous to life. Acrolein may be easily produced by the action of approximately 1 part sodium bisulfate on 3 parts glycerine by weight.

    Acrolein is such a severe pulmonary irritant and lacrimating agent that it has been used as a chemical weapon during World War I. It is, however, not outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

    When glycerol is heated to 280°C, is decomposes into acrolein.[2]

    Acrolein is also a metabolite of the chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide, and is associated with hemorrhagic cystitis."


    Links about subject covered.
    eBay Auction Example of the element precentages
    Cellulose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    aLeda The Original One

    Have a good one. :Rasta:
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  2. SFGurrilla

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    So all and all your smoked 2 ppm Glycerin that is potentionally lethal. Who knows where to find 100% cellulose.
  3. stinkyattic

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    Well next time I add Sodium bisulfate to a doob instead of hash, I'll think about this...
    I'm not sure you have a good understanding of what you have posted. Let's say a whole PACKAGE of rolling papers is a gram of this cellulose/glycerin hodgepodge, and assume that the water content is negligible after drying and packaging.
    For the sake of simplicity, let's say that the dried packaged papers are 20% glycerin. NOT glycerol btw; that's an entirely different, if related, compound. How many papers are in a packet? 50? That's .02g per paper. 20% of that is .004. That's 4 thousandths of a gram per paper, and of course during the process of smoking a joint you lose a lot to the atmosphere. Plus of course the absence of the other part of this nerve agent, sodium bisulfate... so the moral of this story is, don't put random chemicals on your spliffies.
    Please tell me you don't drink diet sodas... artificial sweeteners are a heckuva lot more dangerous.
    I'ma go put on my tin foil hat now. :tin foil hat:
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  4. KindGreenBuds

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    from Clear Rolling Paper Source

    "Our transparent paper is composed of a 100% natural regenerated cellulose film. Regenerated Cellulose is a film obtained from 100% refined cellulose, which comes from the wood pulp. The process of production of the transparent paper does NOT alter the chemical nature of the cellulose film and for this the process of production uses chemically inert, insoluble, infusible and innocuous material."
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  5. jagarr

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    i work at a Dunder-Mifflin/Innitech sort of place (corporate accounts payable? just a moment! corporate accounts payable? just a moment! etc.) where im glued to a desk at as an IT guy from 9-5 every day basically until my death.

    i whack diet cokes like they're the only thing on this planet keeping me alive. please don't tell me that they - like everything else i find even the least bit enjoyable - are slowly killing me.

    between that and cigs ive probably only got what, five years left?
    i'm 22, heh.
  6. tokin'smoker

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    so wait, are the clear rolling papers dangerous or not? if they're 100% cellulose it's safe, otherwise, stay away?
  7. katyowns

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    no need to be paranoid people, educate yourself.

    the danger is so minimal it's not even mentionable.
  8. BobBong

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    Agree'd, there's nothing in the clear papers that you won't find in a regular pack of zigzag's....

    Raws , FTW

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  9. jsn9333

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    The tar that is released when you smoke weed period is more dangerous then whatever you're talking about. You are getting the tar (a proven carcinogen) in much larger amounts relative to some small percentage of the ingredients in the paper that you say are harmful.

    Sure, people say the THC fights cancer and negates the tar and all that... yeah, yeah. Common sense and your body's natural reaction to when you first inhale smoke (cough) should tell you smoking is bad for you.

    If your gonna smoke weed regularly, there is no point to worrying about the health effects of your papers! You've got bigger things to worry about.

    Lesson to take from this? Vaporize... it tastes good, and even feels good instead of making you cough. Enjoy!
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  10. psychocat

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    My only complaint is that they taste shit. . . :(
  11. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    I think that the healthiest rolling papers are made of rice.
    I rarely smoke joints anymore, but when I do, I stick with pure 100% rice papers - like Rizla's. There's no wheat, additives, chemicals or other crap in those.
  12. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Are you sure, Stinky? From what i remember glycerol was the "right" name of glycerin...


    Im sorry to tell you, but they are indeed. Coke (diet of not) is very harmful to the health. Try to put a bone (of chicken, for example) in a cup of coke, and let it there for about one week. After it, look at the bone... it will be flexible, cause the coke dissolves part of it. I wouldnt like to drink such thing... even if i must agree that the taste is VERY good...

    But, well... if you smoke cigs, i think you dont need to worry about the coke part. The cigs will kill you way faster...
  13. chrons

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    They say blunts can cause lung cancer, but I smoke them anyway :D

  14. Jah420

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    lmfao stinky you beat the shit out of him :fish:
  15. stinkyattic

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    I went and looked up this terminology, and indeed you are correct! The compounds ending in -"ol" are classified as alcohols and the common term 'glycerin' is very misleading! Well then, now we see why the stuff works so well as a solvent for THC capsules!

    Artificial sweeteners are suspected carcinogens (the old packaging of one common brand actually once bore the text, "this product contains a compound known to the state of California to cause cancer") and suppress your body's ability to heal itself- my friend's doctor actually explained this to him after a broken collarbone failed to heal correctly after 6 weeks and the doc grilled him on his diet until discovering that the kid drank about 2-3 liters of Diet Coke daily! :eek:
    Sticking to lower-sugar natural juices such as Cranberry and White Grapefruit is better in the long run and has the bonus of plenty of vitamin C!

    I wish I could link to a great discussion of this on another site where I am a member but the site is invisible to unregistered guests :(
  16. NaughtyDreadz

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    don't like the film they leave on the back of my throat.... only clears...
  17. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    If one has to smoke (invest in your health, get a vape!) then rice paper joints would be 'healthier' than bongs, pipes, etc. Blunts are a scary as you get double the carcinogens, as most are made of pure tabacco leaves. Clear papers arn't going to kill anyone.

    The diet soda thing makes me so upset. When something is proven to cause cancer in animals, it is foolish to keep selling it under the guise that "it has not been proven to cause cancer in humans." Yet! It merely means there have been no controlled studies of these chemicals in humans, which would undoubtedly end in their classification as highly carcinogenic.

    And jagarr, the combination of multiple kinds of smoke, including tobacco with artificial sweeteners is not so great. Add in alcohol and being overweight to the equation and it could prove quite costly. Hopefully you don't drink much and you watch your weight. I would drop the cigs and the diet sodas immediately. But I think you really knew all that and thus the answer to your question, this was just for motivation, good luck bro!

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  18. psteve

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    ^^^This is incorrect.^^^
    Glass is far healthier than any paper.
  19. socker1314

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    NORML did some studies in 2000 I think that concluded papers are healthier than bongs. Apparently there is a HUGE misconception on how "healthy" bongs are.
  20. cygnustaxt

    cygnustaxt Registered+

    yeah i hope thats not true about clear papers because those are all i've used for the past 9 months or so. Seems a bit far fetched though.

    also how can smoking rice papers be safer than smoking out of a glass piece? From my understanding, those are suppose to be the best papers to use, but wouldn't a glass piece be pretty safe since you're not smoking anything but the marijuana itself?

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