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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by hey seuss, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. hey seuss

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    Howdy. is there a way to wash mildew(or baking soda, cant tell anymore) off of buds? im thinking maybe just before harvest, or slightly after then "blow drying"???
    also, does powdery mildew or mold (white powder) get "stuck" to the "resin" making buds not salvageable??, or any other options other than destroying. (week 9 of 10)
  2. kuri

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    WOW, is your growing place humid? was wondering how mildew could get up to your buds. how would baking soda get around the buds? whatever way it is, you potency will drop tremendously as the thc will come off in whaever technique you try to take off this mysterious white stuff. if you blow dry, i would do that only to just blow off loose stuff and NOT to help dry the bud. if it is baking soda, you'll be able to smoke it, but if it mildew, then i think your bud should not be smoked. don't want to take the chance of smoking that stuff, could give you some type of lung problems there.

    i think it would help any readers out if you could give reason why you think this white stuff could be mildew or why you think it could be baking soda. if we hear WHAT you were doing, it would help more.
  3. hey seuss

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    the reason why i think it is mildew, is this. powder first appeared on lower leaves, then plants were sprayed with copper sulfate. (week 3) at week 7 more "powder" appeared on leaves surrounding buds (by this time most fan leaves were discarded (purple stems) except for the leaves in the buds. week 7 they were sprayed with baking soda, ph 8 water (1 teaspoon per 4 litres water) but not "re-sprayed" with "rinse" just left in the light. week 8, 3 were harvested, after 2 days of "hang drying" powder again appeared on bottom of buds, and if "broken apart" it can be seen on stem, and some in between resin. the 3 harvested were white rhino. this may be "mis-diagnosed" however, the powder on the leaves i think got into the buds - hence im thinking that the buds are infected with powdery mildew. i wonder if the problem can be washed away, unless someone else has encountered this, and knows what the problem is (hopefully someon has, and there is a simple cure... - ya happy wishing)
  4. hey seuss

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    also, the humidity is a bit high, but a dehumidifier was added, and set for 50% however the walls of the room often have water droplets on them. lights on temp around 23-25C. light off drops to about 15C - and cant be raised, without adding a portable heater, and dont know if that can be trusted

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