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Discussion in 'U.S. District of Columbia (DC)' started by JeKo, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. JeKo

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    I'm going there for a long weekend, anyone know of anything cool to do there?
  2. smoke some herb with the president...

    or if you want a nice tour of the place, go to the white house to like a receptionist or whatever and say "yes ma'am... i have a delivery for Mr. Bush, it's very sensitive to motion and electrical signals so i'll be needing to hand deliver is deat.....package."

    and give her a look like :wtf:
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  3. cannabis campbell

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    Haha, I been there on holiday once and theres not really much to do there..
  4. Reefer Rogue

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    Dc's different, lotta white people walking around now isn't there?

    Long live Dave Chappele.
  5. insanity

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    Get blazed and go to museums!
  6. TokeTilImBroke

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    Wow I'm really upset you said that and I'm going to have to assume you just stayed in your hotel the entire time.

    Now D.C has a rediculous amount of history. So many landmarks. Also on the a bunch of white people walking around comment by someone else, DC is really diverse so I'm unsure where that is coming from. Oh I think you said Dave Chappelle..lol. Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial,Vietnam War Memorial. Theres more lol..but um also lots of museums Spy museum, Holocaust Museuem, Space museum,...uhh I don't know I'm blanking. But the point is there is lots to see and do in Washington DC and I think it's an awesome place although I am kind of biased. Lots to see lots to learn. Not sure how the bud is though sorry..Also catch a Washington Nationals game while your at it.
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  7. MadSativa

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    I agree you have too see the memorials and museums. I recomend Vitenam memorial, Korean war memorial, and the smithsonian, I could wander around the smithsonian for a week and still not see everything, smithsonian now has a spy area that is full of james bond stuff DC is good to visit but after a while the stink of polotics just pisses me off
  8. cannabis campbell

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    Lol of course not I dont do that im going to have to assume you were being sarcastic there would be no point in going there if i was just going to do that. Yeah I did see all the stuff the monument the long lake thing forgot what its called?? and the white house and everything and that big train station probably amused me the most being so big and having everything in there including its own cinema, but I dont really find that history intrests me that much a few days later go the train down to new york and there was a LOT more to do there.
  9. napolitana869

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    Go to the zoo. I love the dc zoo. It is my absolute favorite thing in dc. If you like movies I'd head out to down town Silver Spring (right outside of DC, really easy to get to) and check out the AFI silver. Its right next to the Silver Spring metro stop. I like all the museums. I'd take the metro everywhere. Just get an all day pass. I've never been there, but I've heard good things and really want to go to the Spy Museum. There are tons of things to do in DC. If you're bored than you just arent trying hard enough. If you're driving there and you aren't in to museums come up to Baltimore and check out the aquarium or the Baltimore zoo. The DC zoo is a lot better and free though. DC cops are ass holes. So are metro police. They have better things to do than hassle tourists though as long as you behave yourself.
  10. GraziLovesMary

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    DC is my favorite place in the world.. but I did kinda grow up there lol. If you want to see some REAL history, go to McGogney Elementary on Wheeler Rd and Mississippi Ave. Im just fuckin witcha dude dont go there youd probably get shot.

    The DC mall is fun, all the smithsonians are free and most of them are right in the mall area. The National Zoo is free too, but... I fucking hate it. All the animals that I want to see are dead every fucking time I go there.. I took my sister and girlfriend there years ago and there were so many empty cages it pissed me off. They mightve got new ones by now though and its free anyways so why the fuck not?

    Go to the Anacostia river and see if you can find dead bodies floating in the river, thats always fun. Just dont jump in or fish there. If you want catfish, theres plenty in the Potomac. The National Air and Space Smithsonian was one of my favorites, Ive probably been in there 3.6 billion times in the past 20 years and it never gets old. I recently went to a debate with Richard Krauss and... fuck I forget the other guys name.. on String Theory and the search for a Unified Theory, I cant remember which smithsonian it was in though... fuck.. that was cool as shit (but Im going to school for Nuclear Physics so I would think so lol).

    You gotta see as many of the monuments and memorials as you can just to say youve seen em, but the war memorials are the most impacting. The vietnam wall is off the chain.. I remember when they were having the contest to see what it should look like. The new Korean memorial is real cool too.. its got a whole bunch of life-sized bronze statues of Marines as if theyre creeping through rice-patties, and the rice patties are symbolized with alternating rows of igneous rock and low shrubs. Its pretty cool. The new WWII memorial is REAL impressive though, I cant even describe that, you gotta see it for yourself.

    I remember about 16 years ago me and my mom were in DC by the reflecting pool on the mall for an anti-abortion thing I think and it was hot as FUCK... so she let me get in the pool.. next thing we know everybodys gettin in lol it was tight.

    Go to Georgetown and see the house where The Exorcist was filmed, and the infamous stairs right behind, Ive been there.

    The cool thing about DC is since the traffic is so congested, and the streets were made 300 years ago, they now have an anti-chase law lol. Its illegal for cops to pursue an individual who speeds off.. no high pursuit lol. So if you got dope on you, just dip the fuck out to PG county and hide out behind a gas station. Thats what me and my friends would always do. But we had some HEAVY weight on us, and usually somebody had an assault weapon. Oh and... the assault weapons ban was lifted in Maryland, so go to neighboring Prince Georges County to REALCO guns on Marlboro Pike, right near the Bojangles and get a fully automatic weapon.. last I checked they had a karishnakov(Ak-47), an M-16, an M-4, and an AR-15 all full auto. They also have silencers, .50cal Desert Eagles, and this chromed out .22 with a silencer built in.. sooo sick lol.

    Hmmm thats all I can think of for now. Oh and I wanted to back the dude by saying that DC is the most diverse place in the world. THE WORLD. And thats statistical fact. It may also have something to do with why its the murder capital as well lmao. God damn MS-13s
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  11. JeKo

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    Thank you all for the wonderful info! Now I really can't wait to go :D
    DC sounds really fun I'm really looking to all the things that I'm going to see, in addition to what you guys all said i will probably riding my bike all around the town, including to the C&O Canal, all the memorials, and the musuems. Also taking a full bike ride around Georgetown, and making at stop at the house that The Exorcism was filmed in:thumbsup:
  12. GraziLovesMary

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    no problem dude glad we could help ya out :)
  13. thcbongman

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    The C&O Canal is great to bike on. I think that's what I'm going to do on labor day, haven't done it in a while!

    There's a ton to do in the day, but the nightlife is lacking. The club scene is real weak there, ever since they shut down Nations, there are only real poshy, ritzy clubs. I prefer to go to a place where regular people go, but everything here seems over the top.

    In the day tho, especially on a bike, just biking around is gorgeous. Also try out Rock Creek park. Awesome place to bike.

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