watering plants at night

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by bluntman3000, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. bluntman3000

    bluntman3000 Registered+

    becasue i dont want suspicuois neighbors/company workers seeing where i go to take care of my crop everyday is it ok to water plants at night?........im guerilla growing
  2. cyberbud

    cyberbud Registered+

    plants dont drink wen they are sleeping do they... ? last i knew.. i know shit all about outside growing but... i dont think so.....
  3. bluntman3000

    bluntman3000 Registered+

    plants dont sleep man......but i need someone to answer this question
  4. rck2drums

    rck2drums Registered

    I personally think that it is perfectly fine to water at night. It seems the most logical, but what the hell is guerilla growing?? Yes, I suggest watering at night.
  5. cyberbud

    cyberbud Registered+

    u know what i mean man havnt u noticed when they are in dark on 12-12 they DROOOOP like fuk... ???? that is wat i mean by sleeping..... wen they drooping they arent going to suckup anything....
  6. cyberbud

    cyberbud Registered+

    i think =)
  7. rck2drums

    rck2drums Registered

    You know what, now that you say so I do remember that. When I would check on mine it would be like... a sleep. But I think it is fine to water them at night. I did it all the time.
  8. cyberbud

    cyberbud Registered+

    cool.. few people told me plants dont sleep but yknow if i go pop my closet open briefly in dark they are definatly asleep. watever word we choose. same thing... but yeh i still know nothing about outdoor growing., jus my little input out of boredom..

  9. cyberbud

    cyberbud Registered+

    anyway even if they arent sucking up at night it dont matter they will suckit up wen they wake up.. so yeh i dont see why he cant feed at nite..
  10. J DOG 6000

    J DOG 6000 Registered+

    right before the sun comes upis best
  11. chisme

    chisme Guest

    guerilla growing is growing a short distance from your house or work maybee and if you get caught you just say there not yours and you never planted em lol :cool:
  12. the mole

    the mole Registered+

    I thought the true meaning of guerilla growing , was to live out in the bush, with your plants ALL season...

    The most important thing is not watering the foliage at night, it can cause molds,mildews, and fungus to start growing. Plants prefer morning water, but it rains at night all the time doesnt it.

    Plants do a lot of things during the dark period, I dont remember exactly,I think they convert thingamajigs into sugar, and other chemical processes, they dont really sleep, there just not raising there leaves up to the sun.
  13. Joel

    Joel Registered+

    Your plant does not search for the light in that period as it knows it is not there and it does other things in it chemical proccesses as the_mole said. Plants never sleep, they keep on growing and growing, even in dark.

    Cyber : If plants slept in the dark, where the hell does your bud come from? Do you think it comes magically?

    Not to be rude but if you have a grow thats kind of sad that you yourself do not possess such knowledge.
  14. hubblebubble

    hubblebubble Banned

    if your going to water water say in the morning as the plants wont utilise the water at night
  15. Archeen

    Archeen Registered+

    i`ve always watered mine at night made the mistake of watering during the day an my poor plants fried...never again
  16. smoke_and_fly

    smoke_and_fly Registered+

    foliar feed them but make sure its early evening within a hour of darkness is when u should water them
  17. 420man!!!

    420man!!! Registered+

    the plants droop because there is no light for the plant to grow towards.
  18. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    watering and feeding should be done early in the morning, as that is when the plant's pores are open, and better able to receive nutrition ... conversely, evening is the best time to spray insecticides, etc., because the pores are closing ... on that note, before I knew the correct time to water, I always watered my tomatoes at night, (a no-no), and got the best tomatoes ever ... :wtf: go figure ... do what ya gotta do, to not get caught, that's more important ... :smokin:
  19. Anthonyjz

    Anthonyjz Registered

    I do the gorilla thing brother and it really does not matter when you water as long as they get water. Same way with Us brother!

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