Watering Schedule?

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    For small indoor plants... how many times per day and per week should a plant be watered on average? Obviously, it should be changed depending on how the plant reacts, but on average how should the watering schedule be?

    Also, I've heard bubbly water is good for plants CO2 intake... is this effective at all before a plant makes leaves? Isn't CO2 used solely for photosynthesis?

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    id say once every 2-3 days on average, but it really depends on what type of medium you are using and how fast it drys out

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    Thanks for the reply... didn't think any one was going to answer.

    Well, would 2-3 days be typical for organic soil? Also, how much water should be used? Should I alternate inbetween pure watering and feeding?
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    Typical - there is no typical, it depends on the size of the container, the humidity and temp in the room, the size of the plants, age of the plants - many different variables. It will increase in frequency as the plant gets larger. I started out watering every 4-5 days in 3 gallon containers, and towards the end, one of them needed water every other day.

    I always feed with every other watering. Make sure when you water, you water "through" the plant several ounces or so - to help pull any salts from used up nutes out of the soil. You should also test the runoff for PH as well, to give you an idea of whats going on inside the pot

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