Watering with urine?

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    this might sound CRAZY but if you put all of the yuckiness aside, would a plant benifit from being watered with a little urine? maybe dissolved urine? Just wondering
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    Well....yes and no. There definitely are nitrites and nitrates in urine. Small amounts will not injure them...Very acidic. But a subject probably left alone in the interest of the gag factor.
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    i would say no......This is the 2nd time i had someone talk about that....and I
    belive that to be a no.

    just my 2 cents
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    ok this is a strange one because a friend of mine was growing and he used urine when he's plants started to yellow and with in 2-3 days leaves were green so he continued to use it every 4 week diluted as a source of nitrogen

    now i am growing a little crop and i too experienced the yellow leaves so i too used diluted urine twice i done this over about 5 days and NOTHINK!!! they were still yellow so i just re-poted and that sorted it. green leaves again

    i dont think its harmful to piss on your plants diluted of course but my opinion dont bother as it may not do anythink at all...
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    We use bat guano and you are worried about a little pee in the pot? LOL....

    Pee, believe it or not, is an organic.

    funny thread....." Ya man let's go pee on the pot and fertilize it dude. Man Ya dude"

    BUT I am a perverted SOB
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    thank god I grow my own meds...Just sayin :wtf:
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    What the real concern here would be is the consumed diet where the urine came from. I would be worried feeding a plant where the diet consisted of junk foods (soda, fast food, processed foods) because of the amount of toxins and preservatives. I could imagine these compounds affecting plants negatively.

    On the other hand, if you are eating a very regular and "clean" diet (organic & fresh meats, veggies etc) I see nothing wrong with feeding the plants with diluted urine. It still may scare some away, but urine is sterile when it leaves the body and is not harmful to plants in low amounts. To boost vegetative growth, feed with diluted urine once every other week. (1:5 urine/water). Plants respond positively and have never shown signs of distress. Don't feed urine in the flower cycle, so it can be flushed out of the plants system.

    Buds fed with urine do not taste any different than buds growth without urine. Most ferts have bat guano, sea bird guano, blood meal, bone meal, and various other manures anyways. Is a little urine really going to hurt???
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    What next? Spermazoa?
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    That's for foliar feeding only, Lead. And before flowering, other wise you have to wait nine months for the buds to mature.
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    Why don't cha believe whole-heartedly,that it would affect your plants in a way much like acid rain does. Just piss on it! Not!:thumbsup:
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    this is only if your fortunate to have pot to piss in. lol:jointsmile:
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