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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by DesertBuds, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. DesertBuds

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    Does anyone know of a good source for wax concentrates in So Cal? I shop at LAPCG on Santa Monica in West Hollywood and they usually have some pretty sweet concentrates. I was just wanting to find another source. If you haven't tried them you are definately missing out. :stoned:
  2. norkali

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    Wax concentrates? Could you explain?
  3. DesertBuds

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    It is a cannabis concentrate that comes in a wax form. It looks pretty gross but is very effective for severe lower back pain. You just roll up a little ball about the size of a BB and smoke it atop a bowl full of ash. My nugs.: Ear Wax I was taking prescription meds by the handfull before finding this stuff.:thumbsup:
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  4. norkali

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    Oh shit - that looks good! Is that your blog?

    I wonder how they create the ear wax.......looks yummy....You should ask the dispensary if they know next time you get some.
  5. norkali

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    Finally, I have the chance to try something that compares to the "Ear Wax" :thumbsup:

    OG Kush "Honey Comb" Hash.


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  6. hollowcandles

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    I am looking for the oil and the wax i am still getting use to it.

    Hey I was wondering if you found the source for the oil. I was there on friday 9/12/9 and they had sold out of the oil with nowledge of when they would get more. Help LOL
  7. typalmer

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    Ear Wax Visual

    We can see the ear wax we are searching in examples here, here, and here.

    Vote YES! for Prop 19 to regulate, tax, and control cannabis in California in 2010, and then we will all be able to sample marijuana ear wax in kush environments with professionals around to keep us safe, sane, and on the path towards a positive experience.

    Ty Palmer :: Founder

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