Wax or shave?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by bobbyboy, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. bobbyboy

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    Hi, wondering whether it is necessary to wax hair to remove trace of THC or is shaving sufficient?

    I quit about 10 weeks ago from usage and so believe I am right in saying that any new hair will be growing clean. However because I have a shaved head anyway will need to get rid of body hair too. Which method do I need to do, shave or wax for definate? If I shave will that elimate all trace from the hair root and follicle or will it be that they are already growning clean and that a shave is all that is needed?

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    Either will work fine, but waxing your body may be a little less irritating to the skin considering the possibility of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and severe itchiness.
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    Hi many thanks for the reply! It would be shaving with a electric head trimmer, so would that be ok?

    My understanding is that THC remains in the hair follicle, but does the trace grow out or remain in the follicle part of the hair beneath the skin? Just want to be 100% clean :)

    And finally to confirm is it true that it only takes up to 10 days for it not to be deposited in to the hair? I haven't smoked for 10 weeks and intend on shaving soon so I have enough time for it to grow back or the test.
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    Yes the electric trimmer will work fine and you have waited long enough to cut your hair.

    THCA stops depositing into the hair 2-3 days after your last smoking session. So once the follicle reaches the surface and is cut off, all new hair growth will be clean. I recommend that people wait 10 days to cut their hair after their last smoking session and then allow the hair to reach at least 3\4 of an inch. Most testers look for at least that amount or more when taking your hair sample for testing.
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    Thanks :)

    So because I'll be getting rid of my chest and armpit hair, the same applies to that type of hair too? As it grow slower doesn't it
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