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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by s7reet, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. s7reet

    s7reet Registered+

    hey. if you run out of rolling paper and cant get some for a while, can you roll using wax/waxed paper? is it harmful? will it work? what is rolling paper made of?
  2. orange floyd

    orange floyd Registered+

    try the blank pages from the bible
  3. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    i think waxed paper could in no way be good for you.

    do like floyd said and use the blank pages

    or (still not very good for you, but it gets the job done) use a post-it note.
  4. Web Smoker

    Web Smoker Registered+

    if ur that desperate and you can smoke inside i suggest u use the knife method
  5. budsmoker only

    budsmoker only Registered+

    werent you the person who was askin bout smoking weed and shit?? if so, make a pipe outta an apple or something.. rollin is hard when you first start out, especially with something thats not a rolling paper i imagine..
  6. darkside

    darkside Registered+


    why not get someone whose 18 to get you some zigzags. dont smoke wax paper or book paper. first look up how paper is made then youll realize that you dont want that shit in your lungs.
  7. b0Ng h!tz 4 mE

    b0Ng h!tz 4 mE Registered+

    you have to be 18 to buy little peices of paper in american?

    man, that shits fucked up
  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww waxed paper!! i wouldn't want to try that.

    just go to some fast food place and get a couple wrapped straws. Then, open one end, fill with weed, remove the straw and enjoy.
  9. Oh F Yeah

    Oh F Yeah Registered+

    I always found the 'ol "coke can pipe" method easy and effective. Apple, Budsmoker? I gotta give that a try sometime. Same concept as the coke can?
  10. Jderringer

    Jderringer Registered+

    Eeewwww.... Waxed paper would be nasty! You would probably hack up a lung before you actually got high. I used to burn candles in my house, and I noticed I was coughing alot in the rooms where candles were burning... no more candles, no more cough... You would be far better off using: a tampon wrapper, a straw wrapper, a piece of bible paper (printed or not), a piece of notebook or computer paper, an apple pipe, coke can pipe, or a bowl made of aluminum foil. I smoked out of all those things as a kid, and I'm not dead yet!
  11. midlifecrisis

    midlifecrisis Registered+


    Honestly, if your not sure that smoking waxed paper is harmful, then you should not be smoking!
  12. hahahahahah XD

    dunno it just made me laugh.
  13. SmokingPlatypus

    SmokingPlatypus Registered+

    You can literally make a smoking device out of damn near everything in your house. Look up on this site for "home made bongs" and read a little bit, get a bottle, and make your own. That will be a lot more healthy than smoking wax paper (or any other type of paper, really)... and you'll prolly get blazed as hell.
  14. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    you have to be 19 to buy rolling papers here too.
  15. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

  16. Antihero867

    Antihero867 Registered+

    I used to use tracing paper. I dont know if it was good for me but it got the job done.
  17. biohazard

    biohazard Registered+

    try rolling it with saran wrap. im jokin tho dont do that. make yourself an apple pipe or something, cuz any paper other than the ones which are made for smoking are bad for you if smoked.
  18. s7reet

    s7reet Registered+

    yea, ill do that with a can or an apple. but actually, i rolled with waxed paper, and to me and compared to what people on here roll, it was really nice, tight, and evenly distributied. it just got lose because i couldnt hold it together, but i wasnt getting any reefa in my mouth. anyway, i just found out wax paper is toxic... great. lol.
  19. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    Of course it is, use a can bro, or apple.

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