Ways to make green dragon more "drinkable"

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Coelho, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Coelho

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    Well... during all my attempts of making green dragon, the hardest thing was to drink it. Its taste is not good, and the alcohol in it only makes it far worse. I never found anything which i could mix it in to make it moke drinkable... coke, sprite, fanta, everything turns awful when mixed with green dragon.
    So, during my last experience with green dragon, i thought a mixture to make it more drinkable.
    I thought of mixing it with water, ice, LOTS of sugar, and something with taste of mint. This mixture would be mixed with the green dragon, about 10 parts of it for one of green dragon. The sugar would (try to) cover the bitter taste of it, and the ice and mint would cover the taste of alcohol.
    Also it would be very nice to mix something to make it coloured. The color of green dragon when mixed in any drink is not nice... its murky, cloudy and very evil-looking... so i thought mixing a thing with a very strong emerald green tint, so the drink would look like deep green.
    As i have not the needed ingredients to try it, i let it for you to make the experience. Also, if you know any other way to make the green dragon more "drinkable", please post here! :thumbsup:
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    SMOKEnCHOKE Registered+

    I just take a shot. It tastes bad, but just down it quick, or mix with other alcohol then drink. I've always found that Coke and Pepsi blocks other tastes best.
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  3. PlantHeadJ

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    What the heck is green dragon and how do you make it?
  4. killerweed420

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    I mix mine with OJ and cranberry juice. It takes good to me. I don't like sugary mixes with my alcohol,thats what usually gives you the hangover. I never get hangovers. But them I'm a professional drunk too.:thumbsup:
  5. cannaninja

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    Try teas or juices as they are organic and most of the ingredients in your GD should be organic aswell. Making sense so far? good. Also I'd have to say that teas are easy to swallow (for me) and most juices are impossibly easy to drink. I've already made my own "cannabis tea" which was ok and I mixed it with chamomile tea and was even better even without sugar. I guess this is all opinion based and in my opinion be a man take it in shots or just mix it with apple cider or red tea (favorite tea yes!).

  6. WeedyBoyWonder

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    I suggest Ribenia! Everyone loves a bit of ribenia.
  7. tyweed

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    I have found glycerin has a much better taste! I'v only made one glycerin batch but i'm pretty satisfied. I will say that i think the dragon is stronger.But i'd rather take a drop more of something that tasted better. But when i did do dragon i used a spray bottle and sprayed in my mouth and left it there for a few minutes then washed it down.
  8. dragonrider

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    Coelho, I know you don't like the taste of alcohol, so most of my suggestions are not going to be very helpful to you. But for the rest, Green Dragon mixes into other alcoholic beverages very well.

    I don't like to measure my Green Dragon out with an eyedropper, so I mix the final tincture into more Everclear, sugar and water to make a liqueur that has a strong THC dose in a 1-ounce shot of liqueur. I like it because I'm sure there is enough alcohol to transport the THC effectively. It makes it easy to measure and easy to drink. I'm OK with the flavor, but not everyone likes it.

    If you mix a shot of the liqueur with a shot of green Creme de Menthe, the flavor is completely covered by the mint. Actually, Coelho, green Creme de Menthe is almost exactly what you were describing, except it does have some alcohol --- sugar, mint, alcohol and a deep green color, and it often has a very small amount of glycerine for better silkier "mouth feel." The alcohol flavor is not strong, so you might want to give that a try sometime --- very nice and minty and refreshing.

    I've added my GD liqueur to coffee with cream and sugar, sort of like an Irish coffee --- very good. And I've added it to black tea with lemon and honey --- also very nice. Both of them seem to absorb the grassy flavor nicely.
  9. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Where can i get some of this "Creme de Menthe"?
  10. dragonrider

    dragonrider Registered+

    It's available in most liquor stores here in the US. It's a liqueur (sweetened and flavored alcoholic beverage that is a bit dessert-like, not a full-strength distilled spirit) so it would be with things like Kahlua, Cointreau, Frangelico, Benedictine, and the other flavored and sweetened liqueurs. There is usually a dark emerald green version and a clear colorless version, but they taste exactly the same. Green Dragon just seems to disappear into the dark green version --- I've never tried it with the other kind.

    If you can't find it in stores, there are a lot of recipes on the internet. I've never made it, but they all looked very simple to me --- a lot of fresh mint leaves (or some mint extract), more sugar than you would think, Everclear (grain alcohol) or vodka, and then usually some water to get the concentration correct. Optionally, some recipes use some food coloring to add color, and some use some very small amount of glycerine to add the right texture.

    When I make Green Dragon, I usually convert the concentrated tincture into a liqueur. And the recipe I use is loosely based on those I saw for Creme de Menthe --- sugar, alcohol, and water. It still never tastes very good. Now that I know how well it mixes into Creme de Menthe, in the future I will probably just skip making my own liqueur and add it directly into a bottle of Creme de Menthe.
  11. scagster

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    How about mix in a bit of jager in a shotglass, and do a jager bomb with your green dragon?
  12. Flameon

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    I love this suggestion, great idea dragonrider!

    I used to keep a bottle of Creme de Menthe in the freezer, and because the high alcohol content prevented it from turning to ice it would pour like syrup, but ice cold and minty (so cold, ice would form on the outside of the shot glass making it frosted).
    A green dragon version would be one hell of a party piece, can't wait to give it a try.

    Cheers & nice job!
    flame :thumbsup:
  13. ajoyseeker

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    Rank tasting green dragon could be put into capsules. I just filled a vegie cap with Everclear (a 190 proof grain alcohol) to see whether the capsule would disintegrate on contact. It held fine! I left it for half an hour, and the walls were collapsing but still held the alcohol inside. So, anyway, a capsule would be a way to get the stuff past the taste buds. (ajoyseeker's very first post. Say Awwwwwww!) :clap: GLAD TO FIND YOU GUYS!!
  14. scream

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    jager is the most vial alcohol on the planet. why would you suggest ruining a perfectly good buzz by getting it from jager?

    to OP I mix my GD with honey, and put the honey in tea. A good earl grey or mint tea covers the taste pretty well
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  15. Coelho

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    Well... so today i just tried a method to make the green dragon not only drinkable (at least for me who am a booze hater), but almost tasty.
    I got some 9 mint drops (here in brasil we call it halls), ground it (dont ask me how) and dissolved them in a cup with about 2oz of water.
    Then i made the green dragon. In my case, i just dissolved some hash oil (isomerized, and made with about 1g of weed) in about 9ml of grain alcohol.
    The water solution of the drops had a very cool clear green tint... it resembled mouthwasher... in fact it was very like it, as it also smelled strongly of mint... and had a pleasant mint taste.
    Yet the green dragon had a dark brown tint... and actually had a bit of a dragonish look... when the two were mixed, what a change! The instant the green dragon touched the mentholed water it became cloudy and murky... it was actually a beautiful thing to see, the movement of this (now) clear brown "clouds" in a sky of clear green... man... it was something... BTW i think it is starting to kick in... 25 minutes after i drank it. I drank on an empty stomach, and had taken some vitamin C just before. I heard that the vitamin C can enhance the high, so soon i will know if its so.
    And the mint actually covers the alcohols taste very well... i could drink it very easily... and im sure anyone who be more tollerant to alcohol than me (what is VERY easy) would think it was tasty... so i think its a nice thing to try.
    The effects already are well noticeable. After 27 minutes, im already feeling high. Like if i were floating, the floor seems to be far down... i feel weightless... the music is SO good... damn... and thebest part is it is only the begginning... i still have some hours of a high to look forward to... so, now i will left this world... and from what ive felt till now, soon i will leave this dimension as well... damn... :stoned::stoned::stoned:
  16. dragonrider

    dragonrider Registered+

    Say "hello" to everyone in the other dimension for us!
  17. Backpacker420

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    Have you ever considered a more natural approach, say for instance mixing with green tea or Snapple?
  18. Giro2007

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    i must try this "green dragon". time to search for a tutorial
  19. Coelho

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    Unfortunately, still wasnt this time... the high actually kicked in about 25 minutes, which is way faster than usual from green dragon (in my case about 1 hour)... so i thought i would be BLAZED out of my mind if the high kept increasing that way... but soon it stabilized, and i stayed only higher that usual, happy, peaceful, carefree, floating, and so... you know how it is... but i still was in this world and dimension. Just a couple feet higher than when sober... :stoned::abduct:
    I think it may have to do with the Vitamin C... if it increases the speed of the chemical reactions in the body (which is what ive heard about it), then it would explain why the high kicked in way faster...

    Yes... i already mixed it with plain water, lemon juice, passion fruit juice, coke, sprite, fanta, coffee... but none of them worked very well because for me the worst problem with the green dragon is the alcohols taste, which i cant stand. Until now the only thing that effectively blocked the alcohols taste was this mint drops.

    There is a good recipe in a sticky thread... also there is several threads about it... look at them, and try it, cause its VERY worth... and if you use enough weed you can ACTUALLY visit other dimensions... ask Dragonrider... :thumbsup::stoned::abduct:
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  20. stinkyattic

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    No kidding- you too? That's funny! Last time I made Green Dragon, I took some dried mint from my garden and added that to the mix- the oils are soluble in alcohol so my GD tastes minty-rummy. Try it in a Mojito... ;)

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