ways to make your high last longer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by BlazedNinja, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. BlazedNinja

    BlazedNinja Registered

    anyone know anyways besides smoking more? if you take a hit and hold it in as long as you can you get higher.
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  2. connector_robot

    connector_robot Registered+

    Holding hits in that long may get you a little bit higher, but I wouldn't say it's worth it, due the the aditional tar that will stay in your lungs. Back to your question though - I don't really know, and I doubt there are any smoking techniques or whatever you'd like to call it that would make a high longer, sorry.
  3. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    Holding hits in longer only makes you think you're getting higher. The reality is, when you take that breath of air after you've held it your hit, you're rushing oxygen to the brain which makes you light headed for a short time.
  4. WEsmokeED

    WEsmokeED Registered+

    smoke more?
  5. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Make some ganja brownies. If done right, you will get even higher than you would if you smoked it, and it will last a couple hours longer.
  6. CaptainDank

    CaptainDank Registered+

    try smoking it in someway that you can exhale or (preferably) inhale smoke through your nose. that always gets me fucked up... oh and also try smoking a blunt. long, chilled out high.
  7. sLiMBLaZeDD420

    sLiMBLaZeDD420 Registered+

    I don't know about yall but when I blaze up my Black and Mild afterwards my head feels like its doin backflips...:buzz_saw:
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  8. BlazedNinja

    BlazedNinja Registered

    yeah you would think you can absorb some thc through your nostrils which is why i french inhale at least once per bowl:Rasta:
  9. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well... in my own experience, i noted that indicas tend to prolongate the effect of sativas... like... if i smoke only a sativa, the high peaks in 15-30 mins. If i smoke a indica, and right after it i smoke a sativa, the sativa high peaks in about 1 hour... and lasts for a longer time.
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  10. BuddyX

    BuddyX Banned

    Rong....When you hold it in longer you get a more/filling THC effect...Hold it in untill you like choke...My buddy Chris A.K.A Elephant Lungs cashed a whole bowl o res in 1 hit, and held it in 4 like 45 seks...
  11. CannabisUser01

    CannabisUser01 Registered+

    lol elephant lungs
  12. DemoCommando

    DemoCommando Registered+

    BuddyX, your friend is seriously fucking up his lungs. That tar is on the bowl that you scraped isn't meant to be smoked. Even if you're young it's still terrible for you.
    THC is only absorbed in the first 3-5 seconds on the surfaces of your lungs. After that, your just damaging your bronchioles and lung sacs with loads of tar. You only think you get higher because when you take in a deep breath of smoke, all the oxygen of your body quickly goes to your brain and you feel light headed for a minute. Then it's the usual high besides the nasty cough you get from smoking resin.
    Hope you guys used a bong or something at least.

  13. BuddyX

    BuddyX Banned

    LOL Rong/Again...My brother is at medikal skool, so hes tellin me this...And besides.. i4 ur a true stoner... ud hold the shit in untill you kough
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  14. CannabisUser01

    CannabisUser01 Registered+

    one way i've made my high last longer is by chillin with my dudes, smoke a bowl then start drinking some beers and smokin a bit more :jointsmile:
  15. BuddyX

    BuddyX Banned

    Dave, i we didn't skrape it...sorry 4 keybored its broke no SEE...But this was our KB pipe, and we've had it 4 two yrs. and we broke it a boiled it and we got like3 grams o res..
  16. DemoCommando

    DemoCommando Registered+

    The only way to make a high last longer I think is actually to not do anything just relax on your bed snd just keep smoking.

    Also, I've found that if I don't eat and dont' smoke cigs the high lasts longer.

  17. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Yeah, i had forgot that! Dont eating makes the high lasts longer... but is SO hard, cause of the munchies... :eat:
  18. BuddyX

    BuddyX Banned

    yaw...i just buy a ppak a starbursts and thats that//
  19. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    Your brother is going to fail! :D
  20. djgmo

    djgmo Registered+

    Gravity Bong !

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