ways to make your high last longer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by BlazedNinja, Sep 5, 2007.

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    I'm not sure on how to make the high last longer, but I think it's about your setting or scenario. Just do what you normally do, and your high. I don't think there is another level with weed, your either high or not? I dunno?
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    Smoke a menthol after you are done smoking weed.
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    I know holding a hit in doesnt get you higher but it does make me more able to take bit hits from my pipe. If I exhale straight away I'll probably start coughing but if I hold it in I can exhale with more ease and comfort...But definitely experiment with cooking it can give you insane highs that last for hours.
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    Holding your hits WILL technically make you higher, if only by a small amount.
    According to most people who shit on this statement, 80%(or some stupid figure) of the thc is absorbed within the first x seconds. so if you hold your hits longer than x seconds, your still absorbing, just not as quickly.
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    French inhale :smokin:
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    yep yep hold it in..
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    Don't do any activities to blow your high thats for sure. Running around or something like physical I have found will lose that high in a heartbeat.
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    i love to do stupid shit when im high...Heres my klue.. When you'r loseing your High:: SMOKE SOME MORE!
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    I smoke every day, about the same or quite similar amount. I've now got a reverse tolerance, which allows me to get just as high, and most of the time I get even higher off of just the same amount...
  10. I think my ghetto style bong hits get me higher. I don't own a bong, so I just use a bottle of water. I take a sip of water and hold the water in my mouth. Then I take a big ass hit from my pipe. The water soothes my throat and allows me to take a HUGE HIT. I then swallow the water and exhale slowly. It's not that it makes me higher, but the water allows me to take much bigger hits which
    KNOCK ME OUT! :jointsmile:
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    after having done copious amounts of research for a paper pushing to legalize marijuana, the conclusion I get from all the sources says 80& thc is absorbed in the first 5 - 10 seconds. after that, the rest absorbs up to about 25 seconds. Holding your hits for longer then that is just damaging your lungs. Weed smoke is roughly 3x worse for your lungs then ciggerette smoke in terms of lung damage.

    Also, There are also canabanoids in marijuana which are seperate from the THC. These take longer to absorb, up to about 25 - 45 seconds. These canabanoids are supposedly responsable for a more "trippy" high. Wether that is true or not, I don't know, but the majority points to true.

    I still wouldn't reccomend holding a hit for more then 25 - 30 seconds, as the majority of the cannabanoids will be absorbed by then too.

    And to whoever was talking bout weed brownies, i agree.
    My friend and I bought some cookies from our local dealer,
    and my friend ate 6
    and i've never seen anyone so fucked up on weed in my life.
    he just sat on the couch and giggled for like 6 hours until he could move, then was high clear into the next day for a total of like 20 hours lol. no shit either.

    btw, this is charlie the unicorns friend.... charlie the unicorn is the guy who ate the 6 cookies lol.

    hope you can gather anything helpful from this.
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    Wow, there is quite a lot of misinformation being conveyed in this thread...

    THC is the primary compound that provides the trippy effects. THC is a mild hallucinogenic compound. CBD "regulates" those effects.

    French inhaling has nothing to do with how high you get - the smoke goes to the same place, and does not get abosrbed in your nostrils. If you believe it gets you higher, then let me tell you that it's just a myth.

    Holding your hits in for long periods of time hardly does anything at all (yes, maybe a tiny bit more might get absorbed, along with other toxins that didn't have time to absorb before that)... I have experience with this. I used to hold in my hits - I don't anymore (at least not longer than a few seconds), because I realized that it doesn't matter.

    Really, stop worrying about how long you hold your hits in, and just enjoy the ganja.
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    wooot gravity bong
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    Smoke a newport afta words it boosts ya high
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    ^^^ It's a Toy Story smoke fest up in this bitch.
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    eating chocolate after
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    coughing a lot enhances your next hits, so whenever you have to cough, just cough that shit up, cause then everything opens up and your next tokes hit like a mother fucker
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