ways to make your high last longer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by BlazedNinja, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. WayOfLife

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    One slightly 'outside-of-the-box' technique Ive found for making highs last longer, DONT succumb to the munchies. Everytime I get high and eat a load of crap it seems to wear off slightly, but if I try to ignore the craving for crap the high sticks around longer.
    Dunno if anyone else does that, but it's something Ive always lived by, plus it means I don't pile on the pounds like I would if I ate everytime I got the munchies.
  2. blackbarbie

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    yeah that works for me too. also it helps if you smoke again when you get the munchies, so you forget about your munchies and get higher lol
  3. hello3pat

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    I have found, from personal experiance, that smoking tobacco products before, during, and after a smoke session can extend my high for much longer. Plus, a nicotine buzz always is better with a high. But if you realy want a for sure longer high, make some baked goods. Also if you get the munchies or cotton mouth do not eat or drink any thing sweet, tends to cut down on the high
  4. Ares

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    Rofl. I just got through with a 1 1/2g blunt and im gonna go out and light one of those heavenly things up
  5. ripher

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    6 seconds - Optimized hit holding time (As suggested by Jack Herrer)

    Game over
  6. robo scat

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    - Hold hits for 3-5 seconds.
    - Do not eat or drink too much before or after you smoke.
    - Minimum physical activity.
    - Swallowing hits provides more of a body high that can last quite a while.
    - Smoke a BLUNT. And not an ez-roll. A Honey or Grape Dutch. :)
    - Conserve bud + space out smoking sessions.

    While technically I follow almost none of these rules for keeping a nice high going, they do help. Regularly, I'll smoke a blunt, throw the roach weed in the bong, and chill for a while. Then I'll typically spring for some food. Lots of food and drink.
    I'm also terrible at conserving my ganj, I typically will smoke quite a bit in one session. :(
  7. GreenGiant07

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    Hold in your hits for 2-3 seconds on average works fine for me, any longer and I find its not making a difference.

    Apparently drinking orange juice or ingesting alot of vitamin c increases the high, but I havn't had any experience with this.
  8. KillerDemo

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    roll a 2 gram peach white owl....ull be feelin it for dayz
  9. Rapidfire187

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    Basically, the advice that everybody is giving is more of a "how to not ruin your high" rather than "how to extend your high". I think the only way to stay high longer is to ingest the weed in food, as some people have already said.

    The best way to keep your high going is to smoke more obviously, but if you're worried about keeping your high going, it probably means you don't have any more to smoke. The secret is to find a way to get high off a small amount of weed, so that you conserve your weed, thus extending your high because you have more weed for later, AND it keeps your tolerance down.

    Gravity bongs work great for a small amount of weed. Knife hits supposedly work really good as well, but I've never tried it.

    Another thing that me and my friends have experimented with (and came to the conclusion that it works) is to dip your roach when you're finished with a blunt or joint! You can do it as soon as you finish, or you can let it sit for a little while and dip it later (but by then you'll be more likely to just smoke it). Just put it behind your lower lip, and eventually you'll begin to feel a slight burning sensation. I usually keep mine in for as long as possible (usually about 30 mins b/c I end up needing a cigarette), and it definitely seems to make my high better.
  10. MichaelALMIGHTY

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    when I am stoned, if I roll a tobaco cigarette and smoke that it always fucks me up way more
  11. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Smoke 1 or 2 bowls and don't eat after, you should feel the high for 2 hours.
  12. Veratyr Star

    Veratyr Star Banned

    Is this really true?
  13. joetwitch

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    resin is the shit end of story :jointsmile: :jointsmile: :jointsmile: :jointsmile:
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  14. gogg

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    Swallow your hit; although you could get sick this way. I always do it on accident when I take a huge rip.
  15. andruejaysin

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    There is some kind of enzyme in grapefruit juice which interferes with the metablism of MANY drugs. Don't know if pot is one of them, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I just smoke another bowl.
  16. smoke_and_fly

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    after 10 seconds uve absorbed bassically all of the thc and u wont get any higher
    when i was younger i use to have contests with my mates on who could pull a bowl then hold it for the longest
    i held in for 1.23
  17. couch-potato

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    Inject heroin into the pupil (black part) of your eyeball. That should keep your high going for a lil' longer whether you notice it or not.
  18. $420$

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    i like to kick a shesh.. have a beer or two.. then kick another sesh and ill have a nice buzz going for a few hours.not sure if it works for everyone becuse im a smaller guy
  19. Ub3rB0ng

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    smoke in the hot shower, its like vapping kinda, gets me pretty stoned,crack the window so its nice and steamy in there.
  20. r0k

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    THC is stored in fat cells, so the less exercise you do, the better. This involves moving. So don't fucking move.


    Except move your mouse a little over to the scale and press it and give me rep! LOL :thumbsup: I'm baked.

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