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    I hate to revive a dead post, but there's not many helpful replies here, so I figured I'd post one... after all, this is the thread that brought me to these forums ;-) So here's my new user contribution.

    Your lungs work more "efficiently" in the first few seconds of a breath. As you hold the breath in, the efficiency drops. The reason is because your lungs are used for more than gas intake... they're also used for gas release (or gas exchange.) They take in air (or marijuana smoke,) and release carbon dioxide. When you breathe in, your lungs fill with air but ALSO start filling with CO2 that your blood is dumping into your lungs in preparation for release when you breathe out again. The longer you hold your breath, the more CO2 builds in your lungs, and it begins to crowd with the air (or marijuana smoke) making it less likely over time that an air/marijuana particle will collide with your lung wall and be absorbed into the blood stream. For chemists, think solution concentration.

    What does this mean?

    Tip 1 - Breathe deeply when smoking. Your lungs unfold further as you take in more air, so the deeper you breathe the more surface area you are opening for THC absorption.

    Tip 2 - Don't hold in the smoke too long. Ten or so seconds is plenty. Diminishing rewards are not worth it. Instead, exhale slowly HALFWAY!!! Before you get to the end of your exhale, try breathing in again and letting the same hit linger a second time. It won't help much, as you're also keeping more CO2 in your lungs by doing so, but it will help some.

    Hope this helps ;-)
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    Here's what I do . ;]

    Pretty much what I do to keep my high for a longer period of time is a few things;
    1. Don't drink a lot of caffeine.
    2. Don't subdue to the munchies! As much as you may want some food, DON'T. As soon as you eat, the highness goes away, man.
    3. If you have a glass pipe, (like me) or any type of pipe, I guess, get a bobby pin, and straighten it, even a simple paperclip would do, anything long and straight, and get inside your pipe and clean it, the literal bowl is what you want to focus on, light your lighter on it for a few seconds, to help melt the resin, and get the bobbypin ect, and than scrape off the exess shit that gets stuck in your bowl. Heat it a little bit, (with your lighter) and than put your weed in, with the ball of resin put it on top of the weed, and enjoy. It'll bubble a bit at first, but it gets you off the charts high. My ex bf taught me this, and now i'm completely HOOKED.
    Every time I'm running low on weed, I just clean my pipe really good, and smoke the shit that comes out.
    Have fun with it, and it's not bad for you, I thought it was cause of the bubbling, but typically all it is as all the THC from your past weed, all in a little ball. No wonder it gets you so fucked up.
    Have fun c;
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    Brother, I've taken that whole "French Inhale" approach, and when I say approach I mean each hit of the blunt was french inhaled. Attempting to get higher by allowing the THC to be absorbed through your nostrils might make you a weeee bit higher but I shit you not I didn't feel much higher. Smoke only needs to be on in your lungs, like someone previously said, for about 3 - 4 seconds.

    If you wanna' get higher, buy better buds brother. Or if you have opportunity, grow it yourself.

    EDIT: DUDES, resin may be bad for you.. But that shit will still get me lit. I believe it's our duty as Marijuana Enthusiasts to respect the high and forget the bullshit. Nobodies too good for resin, if that's all we got and you don't wanna toke, fine by me.
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    I say your all wrong in a way. If u make brownies all u would get would be a body high just relaxed. Feeling to get a higher affect u need to get something with a high thcr content my opinion
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    Don't smoke if you're worried about the smoking.
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    i agree to that mate.. eating brownies and other marijuana edibles will make you feel higher than smoking the buds. it will take longer before you get high but the high can last longer..eating a piece of brownies or 2,3 choco marijuana chips will surely make you high
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    I feel much more pleasure, and often a longer higher, when i use a vape instead of smoking.

    I can recommend my bong with hot air gun ( Steinel hl1910 ), a vapgenie, or vaping with fire
    ( put 2 pipescreens above the weed and smoke it ). This is not only because of the condensate you save, you get much more thc.
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    Method : Use one bottle at a side make a whole place a pipe were you can place at the tip of the pipe, add ingredients and fill a little bit of water in the bottle, now light it and from the nozzle of the bottle and inhale it you will get a higher satisfaction.
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    My little philosophy is that since cannabis is a mild psychedelic, the rule of set and setting, and your mindset prior to getting high should always be applied. Also, the strain of the weed your smoking should match with the time your doing it.for example , it is 2pm and yyou want to relax, the weed should be relaxing rather than if you want to have energy to say, tidy up your room or whole home (in my case it's just a one bedroom unit = easier to save pot because your keeping busy). Hey even writing a reply on a forum with a cell phone takes a bit more time. For me, I can't stop writing my entry and smoke in between, I finish this first, then smoke a bong ;ƥ)}
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    Ohhh I get that back flip feeling too. It's weird
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    I get that backflip feeling a lot when I'm high.

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