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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by voodoochild0972, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. voodoochild0972

    voodoochild0972 Registered+

    whats ur favorite way to roll a blunt? wrap, swisher, many papers, ect. i rolled my first blunt today with a swisher and it surprisingly turned out well
  2. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I like cheap cigars such as Swisher Sweets, Phillie Blunts and Garcia & Vega cigarillos. Just recently had one and they are good too. By far my favorite blunt is Phillies, I love 'em. Fav cigarillos though are Swishers. When I get enough weed I might end up falling in love with Swisher XL's though lol. Don't want to use one right now though cuz I almost never have enough weed at one time to roll one up. Don't be a raving pothead like me kids :wtf:.
  3. voodoochild0972

    voodoochild0972 Registered+

    yah dude have u ever heard of game blunts? i hear they are great cuz they burn real slow and they are something like $1.50 a piece. that is sort of expensive to buy one cigar to roll a blunt with but i hear it is worth it
  4. tek(bdm)

    tek(bdm) Registered+

    black and milds all the way. They smell so good. but if you dont want to get caught then blacks might not be the thing to smoke them in since the smell og the cigar sticks with you for the whole day. gotta love the filter it comes with too.
  5. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I heard of them but I honestly have never seen those around here. I have been lookin for 'em though.
  6. voodoochild0972

    voodoochild0972 Registered+

    well first of all, where do u live? and like if you have any royal farms around u, they should sell em cuz thats where i have seen em. but yah, i live close to a royal farms and like every morning there is the plastic wraping on the ground that says game, there is a pile of tobacco and there is a little baggie.
  7. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Well all I'm gonna say is I don't have any Royal Farms around me lol. Most of the time I just go to corner stores.
  8. smokeblunts3

    smokeblunts3 Registered+

    Here in Ny Game cigars are $1.25 made by garcia y vega there a little bit bigger then a dutch they do burn slower or atleast me and alot of other ppl around here think so. :jointsmile:
  9. Bob the Awesome

    Bob the Awesome Registered+

    I really like blunts made from swisher/phillies cigarellos... nice and easy and burns well.

    Royal blunt wraps aren't bad either, my friend can roll with either so it all works out.

    Can't say I've tried anything else.
  10. voodoochild0972

    voodoochild0972 Registered+

    yah i have a funny story to tell about royal blunt wraps. so like when i was high one time i had one of those cherry vinilla flavored wraps in my pocket so i decided to open it. it just smelt so good so i put it in my mouth and i started to eat it and i was like ewww fuck. yah that was a funny expirience.
  11. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    phillies. i usually take the little outer leaves off, roll it up first with the inner leaf, then put the outer leaves back on. it makes the blunt tight as hell and it looks like a real cigar. stealth smoke:thumbsup:
  12. wasabinick

    wasabinick Registered

    yea i stick with the dutch green leafs. they burn so as hell nd i luv em
  13. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    yeah, best way to put it about what a game is

    they are ok. i love them and dutches for their slow burning, but i hate the taste of them, and they kill my lungs.
  14. Tokinskater90

    Tokinskater90 Registered+

    psh i suck at rollin

    i got some of those clear rollin paper things its harder but its cool as shit when you smokin it but yea i can't roll for shit normally i take a cig empty it out then fill it up and pack it tight but yea other then that i stick to bongs,pipes,.>>>>bubblers<<<specalty:cool: but blunts are the best way to smoke:Rasta:
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  15. Tokinskater90

    Tokinskater90 Registered+

    i like bubblers just the noise and how much smoke you can get on one hit damn *blazing now*
  16. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Lol I could never eat my blunt no matter how good it tastes, i'd be mad when I realize how much weed I wasted lol.
  17. BlazinTreesX3

    BlazinTreesX3 Registered+


    Ive never really been comfortable smoking i dont think its cool and thats since i started at 11 and dont know how people smoke that tobaccos sticks out in view all the time but in last eyar ive accepted smoking bud as long as no one in connection to family is around ill smoeka blunt in front of the whole city and its easier not in a small town

    any ways i recently spotted those game cigars and i will try it next because i heard what i heard. and orange i also am dying to know if swisher XLS are made better than phillies although im completely satisfied.

    I have a fish filet knife i used to pack walkin around my city but now i use it to cut open blunts and mail etc. i reccomend filet knives for a really simple cut

    I put weed in and hold it up lick the male part of the wrap and then fold it in to cover the weed then lick the underside of the top part of wrap and i find that double lick working together helps if urs doesnt stay sealed after rolled.

    blunts are special and i wil always sneak out (or walk out depending which house im at) and post up somewhere i can view all around me for cops and i light that up then iw alk with it because the nicotine will make u wobble like liquor.
  18. soteksguard

    soteksguard Registered+

    Game blunts smell wonderful and taste even better.
  19. nikweiser

    nikweiser Registered+

    they just came back out with peach ones at the gas station by my house.. im syked ive been buying peach everytime i go now, its so good
  20. konqrr

    konqrr Registered+

    game blunts taste like pancakes :D

    i like blunts that have the top layer taken off and then put back on again...

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