We are an advanced form of bacteria?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Jay Matix, Aug 22, 2008.

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    That is basically from the matrix.:Rasta::rambo:
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    It is 2016 and I just read the whole thread. I had to reply because (a) I am stoned, and (b) I just came to the conclusion we are a evolved super-intelligent form of bacteria. Like, it's so obvious to me all of a sudden it's not even a big deal.

    Much was covered in this thread, but I think the mind goes too quickly towards "virus". At this point in history we think of bacteria as bad.

    But we are bacteria. We are interconnected with all living things because all living things are also bacteria. Of course, our species sees itself as separate. Superior. Entitled. We are humans, not animals or plants!

    But ya, we are totally a super intelligent form of bacteria, that totally has the power to destroy itself (and eventually just 1 human bacterial life form will be able to build up too much power. Trump anyone?). I'd like to also think we are self-aware enough to be able to save ourselves, but the math on climate change is pretty clear, and as the sole bacterial species responsible, we are self aware of that, yet are not cleaning up our mess. We just keep drilling.

    Yes, perhaps only Professor X shares my optimism. But, bacteria adapts, and humans have shown they can change behaviours. Perhaps embracing we are bacteria is an uber-first step in the right direction.

    Okay, time to hit that joint again :)
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