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    My name is Brian Oddle. I represent 420 Evaluations, an organization that specializes in providing medical marijuana recommendations, treatment plans and patient verifications and other services for patients in a safe and confidential environment. We are committed to our customers and are working very hard to make our services as good as possible for each customer. If you are someone who has used the services of 420 Evaluations , we want to hear from you. We want to know how we are doing. Of course, we hope to hear good reviews but we also need to hear from you if your experience with us was unsatisfying or negative.

    Your reviews are very important to us. So, I encourage to you to visit our forum , where you can leave yourhonest opinion about your experience in working with 420 Evaluations. We promise to read every review and do our very best to not only improve but also to raise the quality of our service.
    Brian Oddle,
    420 Evaluations
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    Enough with the spam.
    If you wish to advertise on Cannabis forums, contact the admin and make an arrangement.
    Not doing so is theft of service and an indication that you folks are not to be trusted.
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