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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by levinrec, Sep 10, 2006.

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    I have several medical problems: anxiety, for which I take xanax and clonopin; chronic back and shoulder pain, for which i take norco, soma and opana (a new type of pain med); irregular heart beat, for which i take verapimil; under active thyroid, for which i take armour; and i am diabetic, for which i take actos. I am considering trying weed (smoking, or more likely lacing in food) to see if it helps my anxiety and pain, and also maybe just to try it for kicks. (I have not smoked a joint in 30 years, my freshman year at college). I am concerned about posssible dangerous interactions with the various meds i take. I don't want to make any of my problems worse or do something stupid and really harm myself. Does anyone have an informed opinion on this subject?
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    Jesus fucking christ. Toxic-cocktail.
    I doubt anyone here holds enough knoledge to trust their answers. Just go to your doctor and ask. Not that big of a deal, patient privacy.. Still, any doctor that'd put me on that many meds with a completely clean conscience..... :(
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    I don't know about the rest,but weed will counteract the effects of anxiety or antidepressant medication.

    and I have to ask,with all the medical issues you are having,do you honestly think it's a good idea to get high at all? Seems like a mighty big risk to me to even consider it.A little common sense goes a long way and if you THINK it might not be a great idea,than it probably isn't.
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    Levinrec, in this other EKG-related thread (linked below), I passed along what my husband said about weed with verapamil. And then told you what's fairly common knowledge about weed strains and anxiety.


    You didn't mention in that other thread that you were also diabetic and didn't list as many medicines as you do here. I agree with these others that you should probably be very cautious about what you add to that already significant drug cocktail you're on. In addition to causing possible complications with vaso-dilation and with anxiety, weed doesn't mix well with diabetes for lots of people and can cause fairly significant hypoglycemic response.
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    Thanks for the advice

    Hey, thanks to all of you for your input. I think maybe you are right. Too much risk involved. I just thouht it might be fun to get high and try it out. By the way, my current Dr. is my new Dr., and we are working on getting me off some of these meds. The pain meds and anxiety meds are slowly being decreased, with the goal being once daily pain meds and therapy for anxiety.

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