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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by M3nt0R, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. M3nt0R

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    Is there any website that any of you know of that actually has all/most/a lot of strains of weed with pictures and stuff included?

    Most I found was a site a while ago that sold all types of weed (probably amsterdam only or something though), and it was cool, but a lot of times I pick up weed that looks so similar but has such different effects that I just don't believe I'm getting the same stuff every time.

    thanks in advance
  2. fuckk i had one that had a shitload of strains of weed, and hash, and even shrooms...with pics and effects and all....completely lost it -_-'
  3. cannabis campbell

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  4. stinkyattic

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    seedboutique.com carries a lot of different breeders' work and has descr/pics
  5. Sir Bliss

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    So yes or no. Is it legal for Americans to purchase Cannabis seeds online?
  6. lil josh

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    I belive its legal to purchase them but illegal to germinate them
  7. M3nt0R

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    No, I really doubt it's legal. A lot of places all advertise everything, then at the end, "Will not ship to USA" and they'll say something about legal terms and such.

    There's no doubt that if you buy seeds it's to plant...illegal plant seeds produce illegal plants.

    I wish though...cuz buying seeds from dealers wouldn't really bring my hopes up, I'd probably get schwag seeds or something.
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    Answer: NO cannabis, cannabis seeds, allowed in the USA - Federal Law prohibits cannabis. period. ............ but, do we buy seeds online ? .......... of course, but watch yer ass :smokin:
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