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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Candnloveweed420, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Candnloveweed420

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    Hey guys, I have a quick question about something that concerns me greatly. I wear contact lenses (the daily ones) and usually still have them on when I smoke. My question is: Since eyes become bloodshot after smoking, are there any adverse effects on the eyes if the user has the contact lenses in?

    To go with that, is it bad to put Clear Eyes or Visine in while wearing contacts? I just recently had an eye appointment and my optometrist said visine was terrible for your eyes.

    I know, weird and uninteresting subject but I'm pretty concerned about my eye sight and don't want to do any lasting damage. THanks!
  2. The Gnome

    The Gnome Registered+

    Aha! I also wear contact lenses and I believe that they are primarily responsible for the dragon-like crimson my eyes become after smoking, or even being around any smoke of any material.:Rasta:

    I don't believe smoking pot or using Visine will do lasting damage to your eyes, but I do know that Visine sucks. However, ClearEyes for me make my eyes so clear and white, it actually looks weird. Better than red, though, and my eyes feel much better too!:cool:
  3. hybridlove420

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    i dont wear contacts, but cant see any way it could cause direct harm BECAUSE of the lens. i mean, if you get a little dust under the lens or whatever and your eye gets irritated and red, does that cause issues?
  4. HotCocoa

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    I wear contacts, and I noticed when I smoke, they get really dry, so I just put my glasses on. do you have glasses? if you don't you should get them and put them on when you smoke. it's much more comfortable. hope that helps!!
  5. beachguy in thongs

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    I'd never put Visine in my eyes, when I'm wearing contacts. I think it may dry out your contacts.
  6. Candnloveweed420

    Candnloveweed420 Registered+

    ya im pretty sure visine and contacts is a bad mix. thanks for the help guys, i appreciate it. just making sure no one has heard of any lasting damage that can be done.
  7. expandingeye

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    Ive tried like every clear eyes solution out there, visine, cleareyes, clearisil, and even expensive burning solutions and have never had my contacts dry out. I dont use hard lenses though. I think you should be good.

    I remember one time i just put the drops in and was looking at the bottle all stoned and read "dont use with contact lenses." LOL, well nothing really happened that i notice so i guess it is just a precaution. :D
  8. Frickr

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    most eye drops will actually eat away your contacts. not a good thing, i remember last time i smoked, i had my contacts in and when i pulled them out, they just felt sticky and gross. but when i was usuing visin all the time after smoking, i actually had a yellow spot on my eye where i always dropped it in... thats when i stopped unless if my eyes get to dry. just get the eye drops for contacts, they work better then anything else i think.
  9. Everyday Struggle

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    I heard that visine was bad for you're eyes and im pretty sure that it isn't good for contacts. They have visine for contacts and that seemed to work pretty good, but it wasn't getting underneath my contact.
    I always have problems with my contacts when im high so i just take them out before i smoke.
    Oh yeah, and don't try to take them out when you're high!!!
    I tried that the other night and almost had a heart attack because i was freaking out and my heart was racing haha
    oh man was it scary.... :stoned:
  10. Revanche21

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    Clear eyes (Visine) is bad for you eyes according to my optometrist because your eyes will begin to adjust to the drug which constricts(or was it dialate) the blood vessels in your eyes (which make them look red) and you will be stuck with red eyes even while not medicated

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