Weed has changed

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BallTillufall, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. BallTillufall

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    5 years experience-
    weed is not safe in america-
    weed is the best drug-
    but causes thousands in fines
    and jail for criminals
    it can't hurt but it can help if it's safe
    smoke dro last time i'm smokin
  2. skiddy

    skiddy Registered+

    true true true
  3. silkyblue

    silkyblue Registered+

    weed hasnt changed

    the United States changed it!

    it sure as hell cost more now than it did in 1973

    I grow my own
  4. Jouryokujin

    Jouryokujin Registered+

    Weed HAS changed.
    It HAS gotten stronger since the 60s (which is expected considering growing techniques have gotten more advanced and the understanding of cannabis has increased).

    Unlike what the government says, this is a good thing! You now have to smoke less to get high. THC is still just as non-toxic as it was before. Less smoke = happier lungs.
  5. ganjzilla

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    yuhp it has got stronger...but i dont feel that it has "changed" a whole lot
  6. J-dubb206

    J-dubb206 Registered+

    everything costs more now then it did in 1973.
  7. Ganja Dude

    Ganja Dude Registered+

    Hah weed prices got the worst of that.

    1 oz. in the 70s = $60-$100 (<-- I wasn't alive, this is what I figure the normal price was.. I know alot of old hippies including my dad)

    1 oz. today = $300-400
  8. STIMPY21

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    in 75 a lid of weed= 15 bucks oz= 20
  9. jamstigator

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    I remember buying some decent Columbian Gold for $40/ounce, in the 70s. Back then, a 'dime bag' wasn't one gram, it was a quarter ounce. Man, those were the days. I understand we've had some inflation over the years, but cannabis price increases have *far* outpaced general inflation.
  10. silkyblue

    silkyblue Registered+


    We payed $10.00 for a dime bag after all the other bills were paid of course back then. We purchased a dime bag a week and it lasted till the next week, we lit up in the AM (wake&bake) and after the children were asleep in the PM, weve nevr SOLD it , just an occasional handout when one is without. We arent stingy my family is very generous to each other. We know when times get hard it helps to have someone there.
    then there was alot of "Tai stick" and "hash" going around ///// [] [] [] those were treats for the holidays.

    how I wish it was legalized )))
    maybe if we all "come out" it could be? :hippy::jointsmile::thumbsup:;):stoned: :Rasta: :pimp: :Rasta: :stoned:

    do they have "hemp fest" in frnt of the White House? :Rasta::pimp::Rasta:

    I grew up in DC :)

    Dc really rocks ~~
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