Weed ice cream

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by mysteria, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. mysteria

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    Today my friend and I had some good ice cream, and she got all excited and said "WE SHOULD MAKE WEED ICE CREAM!!!!"
    I thought it sounded pretty nasty, but she said we could just use weed butter or something. I don't really bake with weed, so I have no idea.

    So, does anyone have a recipe or something for weed ice cream?
    (Would it even work?)
  2. rajking86

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    This would definately be a great recipe if possible.

    I have a suggestion though, why not make some cannabrownies, then break em up and stir em in a big bowl of ice cream McFlurry style?

    Take the mixture, slap it on a cone or cup and go on your merry way!

  3. mysteria

    mysteria Registered+

    good idea

    MMMmmm... damn, right when I have the munchies.
  4. Encatuse

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    It's absolutely possible. Lemme type up the recipe straight outta Spliffs ((an awesome book)) God, Im fucking manic as hell. And yes, weed-cream is awesome.
  5. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Mellow Yellow Ice Cream

    One of the best ways to consume pot and satisfy your munchies at the same time is to eat it as ice cream. Gently ((!!!)) heating cannabis with cream is an extremely effecient way of maximizing the extraction of the THC components of cannabis. And storing the ice cream in the freezer will maintain it's potency for months to come. However, to get the best results, use hash rather then grass in the recipe.

    25G ((2 table spoons or 1/4 of a stick)) Butter
    18FL OZ Single Cream
    75g sugar
    Pinch salt
    1/4 Ounce Crumbled hash
    10G crushed bud
    15OZ Bananas
    3 Tablespoons Rum
    5 Tablespoons Honey


    Heat the cream in a saucepan until nearly boiling. In a second saucepan melt the butter with the sugar and salt. Hear the hash with a flame and crumble it into the melted butter, stirring all the while. Then whisk the cream with the butter.
    Peel the bananas. Put them into a large bowl and mash em up. Add cream, rum, and honey. You can add other stuff for flavor if you want, oreos, nuts, etc. Beat well to mix. Pour mixture into a chilled shallow plastic container. Cover and freeze for a few hours until the mixture is a mushy consistancy. Turn out mixture into a chilled bowl. Whisk until smooth.
    Return the mixture to the container, cover, and freeze until firm. Transfer to the fridge 30 minutes before serving to soften it up.

  6. mysteria

    mysteria Registered+

    Awesome, thanks!
  7. s2headhunter

    s2headhunter Registered+

    wow thats an awsome recipe....would that really work....and damn do you think u could make a reciupe for like an 8th or like half an 8th lol
  8. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    To use an eighth of HASH divide all the ingredients by 4. For half an eighth, by 8.

    To use an eighth of BUD divide all the ingredients by 3. For half an eighth, by 6.
  9. adh endo

    adh endo Registered+

    wow, COOL!

    sounds like a lot of work though..

    we used to have an icecream maker but not for years cos icecream is cheap here..

    anybody tried making it themselves?

    thank you ancatuase for the recipe, im going to try on friday.
  10. peji

    peji Registered+

    Mmm sounds Yummmy,,, ;) Yes I'll have some bubblberry ice cream to go Pleaze,,,,
  11. podgetop

    podgetop Registered

    Yeah man, like errr...
    hang on.
    Yeah right, best weed ice cream i ever made, baked a loaf of bread, 3lb of flour, 1lb of marg, .5lb of cannabutter, mix that(you can substitue 1lb of flour for like on lb of cannaflour... could also use errr brown flour. then mix yeast and shit, and water and get a dough, at this point crumble to your tastes hash or skunk into the dough. leave to proove for like errrr two hours in airing cupboard (if you have done it right it'll stink of weeeeeeeed) bake for 40minutes. let is settle, cut off about a quater, blitz it in a mixer, stick it in with some of your favorite icecream(softened) stickit in the freeeezer man! nb, make toasties out of remaining bread... its gooood
  12. nice cream man

    nice cream man Registered

    my "nice cream" recipe

    Give this recipe for French Vanilla Custard Nice Cream a try:
    1/2 gallon 1/2 and 1/2
    1 dz egg yolks
    3 cups sugar
    1 vanilla bean
    either 1/4 pound of trim or 1/4 ounce of bud

    notes on ingredients:
    -don't try using milk here, for a rich ice cream you need 16% butter fat; the 1/2 & 1/2 you use for your coffee is the best thing.
    -while vanilla extract is fine, never use vanilla flavoring. It's made by toasting oak wood and then soaking it in alcohol, it really is awful. So please splurge here and use a real vanilla bean, you will notice the difference.
    -while either the trim or the bud will equally make a very stoney nice cream, I have found that trim is actualy better because it give the nice cream an almost grean tea like flavor. don't use hash, much to harsh a flavor for a frozen dessert.

    -put 1/2 & 1/2 in a pot and bring to a simmer, crumble in your weed and let the stuff steep on the lowest heat setting for 1 hour. remove from heat and let the mixture cool to room temperature (you may omit this step but I find I get much more thc extraction this way), pass trough a fine mesh strainer. -put 1/2 & 1/2 in a clean pot, split the vanilla bean length wise and add to the pot, put the pot on the stove and bring to a simmer.
    -remove vanilla bean and with the tip of a knife scrape out the beans and add to mixture.
    -mix egg yolks and sugar in a bowl.
    -take 2 cups of 1/2 & 1/2 mixture and add to egg mixture, mix. (this is called "tempering the egg"; you raise the tempurature of the eggs closer to that of the 1/2 & 1/2 so that when you add them to the pot they will not scramble)
    -set 1/2 & 1/2 mixture on lowest possible heat setting and add the egg mixture. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT: with a rubber spatula you must be constantly stirring the pot to keep the eggs from scrambling. If the heat is low enough and you are diligent, in 10-15 minutes the mixture will begin to thicken and you will get a Creme Anglaise. This is the base for vanilla custard ice cream.
    -remove from heat, pass through a strainer, and cool down to room temperature.
    -put the mixture through an ice cream freezer, you remember the type that you pack with salt and ice.

    Try this sometime and you will be rewarded with an ice cream better than any ben or jerry ever created.
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  13. treeiSLAND

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    Weed Ice Cream RECIPE!!

    Alright, i realize im about, 3 years late on this one. But if my spoon was in your hand youd be posting this too. I absolutely looove to cook and im pretty damn good at it. So i have made my own marijuana incoporated recipe(s). I have quite a few if anybody would like a few i have:
    Fully Baked Ice Cream!!
    (kinda like ben&jerry's half baked but FULLY baked!!)
    Weedy Walnutty Crumblies
    Baby Bhang Brownies
    Chira Cheesecake

    I have lots more coming as well.
    If you would like the recipes just reply on here, message me on here (prefered) or email me @ Maryslist@Ymail.com
  14. grumio

    grumio Registered+


    Not long ago, the Cook's Illustrated people (America's Test Kitchen), who are pretty much cooking & food science GODS, did a blind test of vanilla extracts.

    Much to their horror, not even the trained pastry chefs among them could tell the difference between super-expensive top-drawer Mexican vanilla extract & cheap, by-the-gallon fake vanilla flavoring!

    Their conclusion was, we don't care, we'll still use real vanilla, but we won't bother seeking out the most expensive vanilla extract we can find... I thought that was pretty funny.
  15. madprofessor

    madprofessor Registered

    Hash Choc. Syrup

    Get some Hash Oil And some choc. syrup and heat it up in a sauce pan till it is evenly distributed and then pour it on top that always seemed easier for me without wasting precious hash or weed on something as iffy as making ice cream and you can put it on other things also how about ganja choclate milk or mixing it in your morning coffee etc....
  16. GreyPhenix

    GreyPhenix Registered

    i know people are prop going to hate me for digging up old recipies.

    but i saw this and I got so excited lol

    Im gonna try this, only im going to make a gelato...maybe cut it with some green tea (btw green tea gelato is awesome) or maybe some lemon...

    *goes looking for his ice cream maker*
  17. spotty

    spotty Registered

    I have a gelato shop and would love to add some mj to it. Any suggestions? I have lots of flavors just need to know how to mix it in and with what.:thumbsup:
  18. KyleIsNorml

    KyleIsNorml Registered

    Nothing in this world is impossible, if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything no matter how long it will take. Back in the day a light bulb was considered an impossible invention but with about 6 billion people on this planet anything is possible, it just takes one or so people to take the time in doing something. If anything is impossible at this time of existence then soon enough the years to come someone is bound to do whatever it is that someone couldn't do in these years :thumbsup:

    Let me know how that Weed Cream is, I'd like to give that a try one day :jointsmile:
  19. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    The nice cream recipe sounds awesome. I have been looking for a canna ice cream recipe for a while. Also the oil syrup sounds like a good idea though not as convenient. I like the fact that the cream is filtered so the gritty stuff is removed. I have just used the last of my trim to make some cannabutter. Does someone have a suggestion for an ice cream or syrup recipe that uses cannabutter.
  20. jonny827

    jonny827 Registered

    rudy you should be able to directly sub the butter required for canna butter. I have an icecream machine I just bought to make icecream but I am going to try it without the ice cream maker. I like to make everything from scratch. So I will try this recipe and probably respond tomorrow on hwo it comes out using cannabutter. Just for you.

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