Weed in a smokeable liquid form?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by KingOfTheRodeo, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Hey everyone this is a strange question that a few friends and i thought of. Is there a way to turn weed into a liquid that you can actually smoke? My friend has one of those electrical cigarettes and we wanted to try to convert it into a portable vaporizer. Is there a way to extract a high amount of thc into a liquid you can smoke?
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    hell yes there is

    go to grasscity.com man they have it in the forums there those uhh blue light or whatever things on those ads right? if thats what ur talkin about I think they figured out how to do it =)

    if not you could always make ur own vape I just use a glass spice bottle put the wax cork in the top make a hole just large eneough for a straw put ur weed inside heat the bottom of the glass witha lighter wait for the fumes inhale and wa-lah :jointsmile:

    dont knock it till ya try it :stoned:
  3. KingOfTheRodeo

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    Okay thanks, well i did a little bit of research and think i found a good explanation of how to extract the thc and smoke it.

    THC extraction from Marijuana

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