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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Stemis516, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Stemis516

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    so ive just been informed that my family will be going to cancun on vacation over winter break....me, my bro, and a friend apiece....ya it sucks that im 19 and going on a family vacation, but my parents are pretty tight and they stay out of our way anyways

    its one of those all inclusive resort things, where u pay a set amount per person and get all the food and alcohol u desire

    now the reason for this thread....how hard could it be to get weed down there as a tourist?? im from the states and im not about to try and get it through customs

    so....any1 ever been there, know if its easy??? what are some good ways to go about it, just ask around?

    i really hope ill be able to balze all day downthere
  2. jaGerbom

    jaGerbom Registered+

    anytime im on vacation at a beach theres always partys on the beach at night and theres always weed floating around there....just ask around the beach once the night partys get started
  3. jaGerbom

    jaGerbom Registered+

    oh and that reminds me...last year me and a couple friends were in hilton head and this guy just gave us half a handle of whiskey....he was prolly around 19 with his girlfriend and was just like hey im leaving tomorrow morning and im not gonna keep this with me so u guys want it?

    wow that guy was so nice
  4. timothylearyisdead

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    probably best if you don't buy from a random mexican guy on the streets, that's all i can tell ya. learned that from a 1970's movie "acupulco gold" and i'm sure that hasn't changed at all.
  5. biohazard

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    go to the flea markets and ask around. i got offered weed once at a stall that sold jewlery, but i had to turn it down since my dad was right beside me :(.
  6. s2headhunter

    s2headhunter Registered+

    dude i heard that weed you get down there is SHIT TAY!!!!! lol...i dont know ask if you can see if first..because id rather go sober than smoke fucking brown horse shit weed
  7. potheadjames

    potheadjames Registered+

    Do not buy weed in Mexico unless you want to spend several years in prison
  8. JunkYard

    JunkYard Registered

    ~~what happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico~~

  9. Stemis516

    Stemis516 Registered+

    ok so im getting alot of mixed messages

    look, if it shit weed id still buy, it..just not pay very much for it

    any1 have any real life experience? or should i really just not get my hopes up
  10. JunkYard

    JunkYard Registered

    They've got decent bud down there, man. And, I think they have laws where you can carry small amounts w/o getting into trouble. Don't know about the buying part, though?

    I've been to Tiajuana, (sp?) and had a great time. The bud was decent, and I never got hassled by their police.

    You should have a good time, so don't sweat it; just be careful as always...

    Much Love,

  11. Iggmasta

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    your a retard, mexico has much more liberal laws then the US please dont post unless you have some general idea of what the fuck your talking about
  12. potheadjames

    potheadjames Registered+

    Mexico has liberal laws for its citizens not not citizens so fuck you retard I live very near Mexico and have been there several times, if you get caught with any drug you will do time.
  13. rottenPauL

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    just go downtown and ask for Pepe. He wears a poncho, a big red sombrero and he carries a big sack of acapulco gold.
  14. mr_vega

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  15. KindMidasSoundman

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    Just ask one of the waiter-dudes at the all-inclusive place where the weed's at (if they don't approach you first, which they very well may)
    They will either hand you some, or look at you like you are a criminal, at which point you give them a dagger glare like you are a cop...

    ...then, stick a fork in his neck.

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