weed laced with CRACK

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ibreakthings, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. ibreakthings

    ibreakthings Registered+

    I smoked some shit that I got "free" from a friend..(well he left the joints in the woods and forgot about them and so i went and got them for myself...wat a dumbass) and me and 2 pepple smoked it and Im pretty sure it was laced.

    It tasted like it was carbonated or something and my whole mouth was tingly and numb and everything I ate tasted like soda.. especially gum..
    and also i was seeing rainbows in the middle of my eyesight and when i closed my eyes the rainbows would swirl around and it was sweet.

    is that what crack feels like? or do you think it was something else... its pretty fun the only bad part is it felt like my heart was gonna burst the next day....(is that bad?)
  2. Mirno Sctlnd

    Mirno Sctlnd Registered+


    That about sums it up.
  3. acidtrip

    acidtrip Registered

    Fairplay man, that was pretty lucky
  4. ibreakthings

    ibreakthings Registered+

  5. Void

    Void Banned

    Sounds like you smoked an ant..:(.Ants have carbohydrated electrons in them which cause your mouth to feel tingly and your eyesight to be slightly messed up (with the rainbows).An ant must have got into the joints.
  6. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    ohhh...kay...You're one strange person, Void.
  7. 187

    187 Registered+

    haha now everyones gunna smoke ants to get fucked up
  8. ILoveYouMaryJane

    ILoveYouMaryJane Registered+

    im so gonna start smoking ants now
  9. Drugman Joe

    Drugman Joe Registered+

    Heh, I would try smoking ants if I actually believed it worked. :p
  10. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    Remember Void's reputation for starting shit on the boards...
  11. Mostasteless

    Mostasteless Registered

    lykeomg!!11one I smoekd ants!!1 and it woerkd??! i seen da rainbos!!one
  12. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    I thought everybody did that. :eek: :confused:
  13. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    So you stole from your friend? Didn't your momma teach you anything?

    Seeing rainbows on crack too, that's funny! You think crackheads smoke that crap and see rainbows? Ha hahahah haha!!!
  14. flamingskullballs

    flamingskullballs Registered+

    yeah man, crapheads dont smoke that crack too se rainbows...

    but have you ever wondered why little boys always burn ants with magnifying glasses??? and the sun and all that...its cuz the SMOKE from the ants fucks em up...thats the problem with society now days...what do you think the bush administration used to do when they were little??? burn ants ,man!!!! THE ANTS!!!

    ants is wack if your a teen
  15. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    Yeah stay in school and say no to ants.
  16. flamingskullballs

    flamingskullballs Registered+

    notice how this lageralus gets a nice gleam in his glassy eyes when ants are mentioned...he smoked too many ants in his time kids...dont follow in his footsteps...dont buy and sell antfarms on the black market...all itll do is ruin your life...

    persoanlly, i like the red ants....they add a punch...the army ants are more quantity, and a nicer smoke...but fire ants, while smaller and harder to find, add a fucking slam to your head...
  17. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    Is an anthead that easy to spot? You are correct; I started, as many do, with the magnifying glass, but as time wore on, I moved onto lacing my weed with them. The rainbows are intense when these critters are inhaled in this manner, but do not let it fool you. Indeed the army ants, with their black bodies, are a better smoke.. and I have had the privilege many a time to taste some truly superior queen ants: a treasure in my part of the world.

    And that is 94 times someone has incorrectly spelled my name.
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  18. ibreakthings

    ibreakthings Registered+

    I hear that if you do ants then their dna will go into your spine and make ants grow inside of you. And they can do a spine tap and tell if you did them... you guys are gonna get caught
    i suggest flushing your hole farm down the toilet before they find you
  19. ShamanicHippy

    ShamanicHippy Registered+

    hahhaha i am dying laughing. you must have hella bad munchies if ur gonna eat an ant and report its psychadelic effects to us. also there is no such thing as "carbohydrated electrons" a carbohydrate molecule is millions of times the size of an electron. either you have been listening to too many stoners or you are just talking out of your ass. I beleive that ants might taste tingly (and even that ibreakthings smoked an ant) but read a chemistry book or sumthing and you will see that a carbohydrated electron is just a fucking impossibility.
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  20. Void

    Void Banned

    Bahahaha, I'm the shit.

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