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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Big Bud 1, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Please help Ireland to get rid of the ban on cannabis It is a violation on our human Rights and we can stop this prohibition on cannabis if You would please sign the petition On the Link Below.
    I am not a member of this website i am just a 19 year old sitting at home wondering what the F**k is wrong with the world if they are banning Something that grows from the ground and is the most beneficial plant on earth From Medical use (witch it has more than 200 ) to bio fuel and clothing and to make Grade A Paper and it makes people feel good about themselves. So if you have the time will you please sign the petition.

    Legalize cannabis in Ireland 2011 - Petition Online - Ireland

    Thank You .

    P.S Weed is not a drug its a flower

    :jointsmile: PEACE
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  3. Lunatic Lumen

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    i was in Ireland...they only had low quality hash...it was too hard for me to get weed....if they legalized it that wud not be happenin again...i support it!
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  4. Blow-out

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    I was considering signing up for membership to Legalise Cannabis Ireland for 2012! It's €20 membership for the year I think. Is anyone on this forum a member? Is it worth it? Or would I be better served keeping my money to go towards the shitty weed prices in Dublin:stoned:
  5. muddled

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    Does anyone know if online petitions are valid in Ireland. While I feel that it should be legalized I'm slow to sign my name to something like this, particularly if it won't stand up for the cause.

  6. OldCannabis007

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    Hey, I think it will be legal in 2018, my mate who works for irishseedbank.com just got his license and is now using it legally for the medicinal purposes. Hope that helps.

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