Weed looked crappy but got me really high, was it laced?

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by pnitro4, Jan 12, 2017.

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    So a few weeks back, I smoked weed for the first time ever, I acquired about 3 grams of weed and it didnt look that great, the buds were small about the size of a 50 cent coin, the whole weed was kinda darkish-green but not too dark, I was disappointed because I thought it would look exactly like what I've seen on the internet (yes, i'm stupid and a newbie) the guy claimed it was white widow, it smelled skunky but the smell wasnt that strong (my nose had to be really close to the bud) but it smelled normal, it didnt have much hairs and no crystals at all

    so I packed a bud into a pipe and took a few good hits after that emptied it and packed another bud and again took a few good hits, about 10 minutes later,
    I felt like my mind was separated from my body, it was like a lucid dream, my body felt really relaxed but I could still function and run, 5 minutes felt like 20 minutes, short term memory was basically automatically deleted every 30 seconds, my eyes automatically locked on to a specific object and stayed there as I walked and then jumped onto the next object, now I really loved those effects but there were some scary times, at one point my face started to tickle and i felt like i am about to pass out (i think it was a panick attack) and my whole body started to shake a little and my heart rate was fast
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    Yup, absolutely loved it, I think it was a sativa strain from what i've read, im just worried that the next time I buy weed i'll get something weak, its not as simple as walking into a shop and picking out ur favourite where I live, you get what the guy gives you :/ and it is completely random
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    Not all good bud looks like a High Times centerfold.

    Next time take a couple tokes and wait a few minutes for the effects before you pack another bud.

    Then listen to some music in headphones...
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    Sounds like good weed to me! Just take it easy when you're gettin started, as a newbie.

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