weed overdose??Cocacola??

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    read everywhere that you cant really overdose on weed unless you have a few pounds to smoke in under and 1hour ,,but what about comsumming it? I read on some site but cant seem to find it that, if you get too high from eating weed you can drink a can of coke? why? does it work or are they saying shut the fuck up have a coke and a smile??anyone know
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    I think it's mostly STFU! But having a regular coke raises your blood sugar (cannabis decreases it a bit) and low blood sugar can make you dingy. The caffeine might help you focus a bit, too. But, it's most likely STFU. ;)

    And you'd vomit, pass out and/or be totally over-full before you'd get a lethal dose by eating. I don't think it would be very pleasant... too much of even a good thing, seldom is. Friend of mine once had a smallish dog (20 lb?) that ate most of an ounce of GOOD Columbian. The dog fell down the stairs, vomited, passed out, and was fine the next day. I imagine a human would do much the same. And speaking from personal experience... one brownie is enough. :D

    Granny :hippy:
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    thanks crow still new at this reading alot but was curious if I consummed too much can I stop it, or next time you'll know better..
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    Haha, it's mostly live & learn man. I don't know of any way really to kind of sober you up a bit if you accidentally use too much besides going to sleep for a bit...
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    I knew a guy that swallowed almost a golf ball size piece of top quality hash.

    He was zoned and felt sick as hell, but he was fine after about 8 hours.

    He swore he'd never do it again though. :pimp:
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    Oh man, I remember my first time getting really really high off of edibles. The butter I make is usually so dark green it looks black when it's all clumped together, and my first batch with the stuff was made late at night, so I just crashed out after I finished, and figured I'd munch on a cookie the next day after I got home from work.

    Well, turned out I had to work overtime, and it was so busy, I barely had time to eat anything all day. I got home and of course, grabbed one of the snickerdoodles and munched away before dinner. After dinner, my girl and I were watching a movie on the couch, and about 30 minutes into it, they started speaking french or something. I couldn't make it out! Another 20 minutes, and I was sure it had turned to pig latin! "Who would make such a crazy movie!" I thought to myself, and soon retired to the room to read a good book.

    Well, you know how when you kind of cross your eyes and unfocus when you're looking at a page of text, the spaces between words kind of make little pictures or shapes? Well, long story short, I was convinced someone had replaced the shitakes we ate at dinner with something a little more psychedelic! After the text in the book looked like it was going to just hop of the page and gobble me up, I decided going to sleep was my best option. Woke up the next day with about 0 brain power.

    So long story short.... SLEEP IT OFF! :D

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