Weed Pizza! I did it! (4 trys)

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Tony1234567890, May 23, 2007.

  1. Tony1234567890

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    Any good pizzeria will have an oven that goes to like 750, that's way too hot and will burn the THC. So I tried a few times and the 4th was the charm.

    Make your pizza like you normally would. Nothing different. About 5 minutes before she's done, remove the pizza from the oven (drop it to 325ish) then srpinkle your ground up bud over the cheese (first allow it to cool a minute or so) then put some more cheese on top of the bud. Place back in the oven and wait 20 minutes.

    Why 325? More heat will burn the THC and the pizza. 325 is the perfect heat that will get the top layer of cheese to melt and adhere to the THC, also it's not enough to burn your bread.

    If the pizza is done and you try this, the bread will be burnt. You need to know how to make a pizza first, then when you know you're about 5 minutes away, you drop the heat and add more weed and cheese.

    So far I've made 7 pizzas. Three sucked and didn't work, I wasted my weed. The last four worked quite well.

    Last time, I placed weed in certain parts of the pizza, then covered them with peporoni, that worked very well because when you bake peporoni it oozes oil. Took a little longer to work, and wasn't as good a high as just cheese (I think the cheese works better because more fat).

    If I could learn to make good oil, I could master the pizza.

    Still need a good name for the pizza.

    Tony's Pizza? No good.

    Perfect Pizza? Nah.

    Baked Pizza? Close but no cigar.

    Pot Pizza? Meh.

    Fuck Yeah Pizza? eww.

    Ganja Pizza? Closer.

    I want to perfect my pizza so the next family dinner wont be so boring.
  2. O. G. ganja smoker

    O. G. ganja smoker Registered+

    call it the Potzza
  3. no, call it pot-pie...

    some people do call pizza pies afterall.. (i forgot who)
  4. Nissan_420sx

    Nissan_420sx Registered+

    new yorkers?...lol

    I want to do this to one of those frozen pizzas lmao
  5. well theoreticly you could, tho you'd have to coat it in another layer of cheese, but i don't think any pizza lover has a problem with that...
  6. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    Dank Dish Pizza...
  7. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    Pepperoni shoud do it...
  8. Rutledge

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  9. Mr.Dank

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    make sure that its cooled down to 325 once u put the chronic in.
  10. big smoke07

    big smoke07 Registered+

    Perfect name. No other will do.
  11. PureEvil760

    PureEvil760 Registered+

    potzza kinda made me think of potporoni pizza (if you use peporoni)
  12. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    now thats another thing learned on cann.com ...pottza...lol
  13. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Man that has made me hungry. I'll have to go to BK drive thru now.
  14. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Sounds great!
    Dank Dish-lol!!!!
    Potporoni- cute but makes me think of potpourri for some reason
  15. Sullivan

    Sullivan Banned

    Weed tastes disgusting!
  16. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    dank dish ftw
  17. O. G. ganja smoker

    O. G. ganja smoker Registered+

    ive got it THE DANK DISH POTZZA
  18. Nissan_420sx

    Nissan_420sx Registered+

    I think I may try with one of those frozen personal pizzas..I'll let ya guys know how it turns out
  19. Skwirl07

    Skwirl07 Banned

    Wish I had the balls to try that lol.. my weed is too precious.
  20. AsianStoner420

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