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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by corkspliff, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. corkspliff

    corkspliff Registered

    hey guys, just got 5.2grams of weed. wondering how much would ye have paid for it? thanks!
  2. BuildingBlocks

    BuildingBlocks Registered

    i would say bout €70-€80
  3. johnou85

    johnou85 Registered

  4. z3rcira

    z3rcira Registered+

    €70-€80 is about right. I would say the average price of weed around Ireland would be like €15 per gram. That would mean 3.3g 50 bags ya?
  5. SayCheese

    SayCheese Registered

    yip, 70-80 would be right depending on the Q and where you are buying it. Some areas are better than others for price.
  6. gamehawk

    gamehawk Registered

    yeah id be payin about 70 for that amount of nice normal weed for lovely weed about 130 to 150

    BOBMARLEYx3 Registered


    dude i pay 50 euro 2.5gs of weed 110 7gs 225 14gs thats the average amount you get in dublin these days !:Rasta:
  8. how high eire

    how high eire Registered+

    ya 2.4/2.5 is all you'd see for €50 these days.
  9. silent leprechaun

    silent leprechaun Registered+

    Ireland is a joke on many levels...

    €50 for 2.5g of shite weed...

    I don't think I need a stronger incentive to grow for myself...

    I had 6 x 2L jars full of weed from just 2 plants last grow. Each jar must have saved me €500+... This time I have 4 plants... Looking forward to the end of July !

    Hope you boys have your outdoors going ;) I know I do !!

    Kapow !!!


    S.L. :pimp:
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  10. how high eire

    how high eire Registered+

    living the dream:jointsmile:
  11. stelth stoner

    stelth stoner Registered+

  12. how high eire

    how high eire Registered+

    nice site. ya i've got about 5/6 weeks on the first 4 plants. 1 other should be ready 5 weeks after that. and have 3 more ready for bloom. i'm fair sick of payin for shit weed.
  13. greenbanana

    greenbanana Registered

    Its a while since i bought weed as i have been off it since 2005 so i could focus on studying, but I cant believe you would pay over 40 euro for 1/4 ounce of weed but paying 50euro for 2 and 1/2 grams this dealer is taking the mick out of ya, I used to get good quality stuff as well at 120-150 euro for weed ounce and 120euro ounce of hash and it was not soap, a friend of mine says dealers get hash for 1000euro a kilo with a kilo being 35 ounces
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  14. cmontsmoker

    cmontsmoker Registered

    Ireland is a fucking joke for Weed/Hash now, I just can't believe how bad its got, I had some lovely Hash for the last few weeks but nothing now and doesn't seem to be much Weed in Cork either, Those assholes selling 50bags deserve a bullet in the head, I'd usually get a good quarter of Weed for €75 but I prefer Hash as it lasts longer but thanks to the Gardaí its impossible to get now, All my contacts are having serious problems trying to get it now.
  15. ilearn

    ilearn Registered

    2 grams of muck for 50 quid ireland adds paddy tax to its weed

    go to the uk get the same for 20pounds
  16. elc123

    elc123 Registered+

    Hey man do you still have some
  17. bud27

    bud27 Registered

    i remember when i lived in cork impossible to get any green only shitty solid and that was 50 euro 1/4,had to go to dublin for good stuff. now im living in spain and going price is about 4 euros a gram and none of the stress about smoking it
  18. Thesuperstork

    Thesuperstork Registered

    What are the prices and avaibility right now? I'm moving to Dundalk next week from a Nordic country where also the prices are fucked up.. Anyone know anything bout the situation in dundalk?
  19. JohnKimble

    JohnKimble Registered

    Its always been $10 gram for me, but I bet its gonna have to go up. The black market is slow to adjust to inflation.
  20. joelesleyy

    joelesleyy Guest

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