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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Randycigar, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Randycigar

    Randycigar Registered+

    Hey, I'm a newb, and I got some weed that was DARK green and had orange-redish hairs in it... is this stuff any good.. I got it for 60 n' I live up in montana
  2. Porkchop913

    Porkchop913 Registered+

    red hairs r a good thing i think
  3. The Piper

    The Piper Registered+

    yeah the more hairs the better
  4. haha

    haha Registered+

    I know that hairs are a good thing, but why is that?
  5. Randycigar

    Randycigar Registered+

    yeah.. lol it has a LOT of hairs
  6. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    Hairs indicate maturity. There's no real way to ACCURATELY determine potency of the bud is unless you smoke it. So ahead and toke up, let us know how it was.
  7. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    what ur really lookin for is cryastals (tricomes) but just smoke it to be sure.
  8. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    i think red hairs make it look cool. but im not sure oh how good its is... its sapoably good.
  9. Randycigar

    Randycigar Registered+

    i'll look.. hold on
  10. Randycigar

    Randycigar Registered+

    yeah.. there is cystals in it.. I've had two hits tonight.. i'm pretty much gone.. lol so yeahg, whta doers the crystals mean?
  11. Randycigar

    Randycigar Registered+

    oh and be specific.. like dont just tell me "it means good stuff" say more like on what it is n' what it does.. I'm FULL, I think I ate too much, n'
    I have a head ach =S
  12. givemesomeweed

    givemesomeweed Registered+

    I had some shit with a lot of red-orange hairs and it gave me a huge body buzz.
  13. those crystals are trichromes or however the fuck it's spelled....it's resin glands...full of thc...
  14. BongWater

    BongWater Registered

    Red hairs aren't an indicator of potency. They're actually pistils, indicating that the plant was harvested when it was mature (a good thing). The trichromes are definitely a good thing.
  15. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    the crystals are mostly made up of thc and the more crystals the more thc the plant has. if u ever noticed while your smoking a joint twards the end it gets kinda goey. thats the crystals melted down from teh heat and absorbed into the paper.
  16. kindbuds

    kindbuds Registered+

    Yea, some way's to know if weed is good are by the Amount of crystals, Hairs, and ofcourse the smell. You wan't it to have a nice smell to it. If it smells dull or bland and is dark green and really dry, it's old mids most likely. And if your weed is a lighter shade, and full of color and shine, smoke up it will be good. :p
  17. yo randy im in montana too hit me up at seetherfan420@hotmail.com :p well get tagether and toke one up and everything these guys said is pretty much tre exept one thing... trichomes are pure resin that has crystalized on the gland that produces it a few more interesting thing to point out

    some ppl take the weed and get only the trichomes and smoke them this is called kif pronounced keef you can also use these glands to make hashish
    or just leve them on the weed and smoke em the hairs do mean maturity and the lighter it is doesnt always mean its better i once had some very dark almost hunter green buds that blew my mind on the same note ive had pale bud that wasnt worth shit hope that helps you out and dont forget to hit me up
  18. Caruso329

    Caruso329 Registered

    I smoked some orange hair, thats some gooood shit. Its what my dealer always has.
  19. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    I smoke those rainbow hairs. :cool:
  20. Caruso329

    Caruso329 Registered

    you fag

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