Weed Tea. Am i doin this right?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by mr sativa, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. mr sativa

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    I was stoned earlier and i got about a bowl pack left of my 40s weed. So i suddenly had the urge to make some weed tea. I took a tea bag. I emptied out the original tea herbs. Then i chopped my 40s up and put it in the tea bag. Then i just poured a cup of boiling water into the tea cup and just kept the tea bag in the water for 15 minutes (just to make sure it was in long enough). Then i drank it. Im still waitin for the trippin to start, but i dont know if i even did it right.

    If you make weed tea, how do you do it? Am i doin it right?

    I dried out the weed that was in my tea bag, and ill be smoking that later to make sure i get all the THC out of it.
  2. bonita chica420

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    Yo dude, i would never make weed tea, or bronies i figure i'd get higher smokin it, hash brownies maybe or mushroom ones are awsome, same as mushroom tea, but i figure waste not so i just eat all the shrroms usually
  3. Trips Rolls Bowls

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    well dude, i dont think thc is water soluble so.....yea....you just wasted some herb :'( .... i coulda smoked that! >.< lol peace
  4. mr sativa

    mr sativa Registered

    I dried it out when i was done with the tea. And i smoked it today and it was fine. Plus: I'm not saying i dont use my weed sparingly, but i got enough to last me a while. It was just an experiment.
  5. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    THC needs some sort of fat or oil to extract it or else it just stays in the plant material.
  6. yeah the water wont do anything to extract the THC. But replying to someone elses comment, i feel that eating weed gets you so much higher. I ate a 1/16 in a cookie, and it got me higher than i would from smoking an 8th.
  7. Roland Bluntz

    Roland Bluntz Registered

    Y'all trippin

    I've made that tea successfully before and it's like being on O. Just take a gram or so (or less if you have some dank shit), do exactly like you did, make sure the tea bag is stapled shut, make sure the water is boiling. Eventually it'll smell like the chron and the water will turn light green. That's when you know you good to go. Enjoy.
  8. mr sativa

    mr sativa Registered

    yea roland. I think ill try that next time.

    The weird thing though. I dont think i got any thc when i made the tea. But the tea still tasted real good. You know that signature scent you get when you smell weed? Thats what the tea tasted like. It didnt get me real high but it was good.
  9. Roland Bluntz

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    Thats strange but it makes sense. Maybe its more of a placebo effect. The last couple times I made the tea I thought it'd get me real destroyed, so it did. Then again, I'm pretty sure that THC is at least somewhat water soluble.... otherwise you should be able to pour a liter of water on your chrons and not have it go to waste, haha imagine that!

  10. Niftyfifty

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    I know! I know!

    Yeah! You did everything right.... except when you put all of the good green in there. Use stems instead and you'll get an adrenaline rush kind of high. At least, when I make the stuff and drink it, that's how I feel. It could be a placebo effect... then again, I'm not the type to think silly ideas are going to work, either. All in all, the high you get off of tea really isn't worth the effort of making it, but it is a pleasant tasting tea.
  11. MizeryU

    MizeryU Registered

    ive made so tea w/stems once
    it was a bit resiny but not too bad
    i used an oz. of stems ground up n put on top of some regular tea in a coffee filter n put that in a coffee maker n made some tea add ice n chug that shyt n then you will pass out shortly
  12. Dingo

    Dingo Registered+

    weed tea lmao that is really gay .. thc does not dissolve in water! it will just cling to your weed... just make some cannabis butter or make some hash if you don't want to smoke the weed :rolleyes:
  13. mr sativa

    mr sativa Registered

    Sorry Dingo.
    Ive disgraced the Cannabis Gods forever.

    just playin.
  14. Silentsmoker

    Silentsmoker Registered

    new drink

    if i done this wud it work
    put about5 quitebig and quite strong buds in a cup add boiling milk and a bit of butter mix it up and leave it for 10 minites take te bud out then drink the liquid wot will happenin if it wont work cud sum1 plz give me the easiest way to drink it and it mustb easy coz am 15 nd dont hav access to must equipment nd if teres another way plz dont put the amount of weed in ouzes nd dimes nd tht coz am from engand nd dont understand tt language
  15. SomeDude

    SomeDude Registered+

    I do this:

    First, dry the buds out as dry as it will get, to dehydroxylate all the thc molecules. Then put a cup of whole milk on the stove, add the bud and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and leave it where it's just steaming for however long you want. I usually do 30-40 minutes. You can drink that, but it doesn't taste too good. I always bring it back to a boil, and a crushed up square of semi-sweet baking chocolate, 1/4 cup of sugar, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Stir it constantly till the chocoloate melts, and then let it cool a little. That's da shit right there.
  16. Silentsmoker

    Silentsmoker Registered

    drink or yoghurt

    wud u rathereat a yogurt or tea coz the hash yoghurt sounds easy nd am scared incase a use all me weed in the tea nd it dont work ndwot r te effects of a yoghurt will a c things by usin it this way
  17. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    hey,silent smoker,u mind typing complete sentences so we can all understand wut the fuck ur saying?
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    CANADIANHERB Registered

    srry to bust up some of ur theories abbout tea but THC is water soluble and in order for ur tea to do anything u gots to leave it in there for 30mins to an hour so that it'll seperate the THC from the plant matter. the problem was that u left it in for only 15 mins. also, dont make tea with good weed (WASTE) make it with stems that u save up.
  19. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    if u wanna do something with stems,just make green dragon.and we have all went over how to make this before,so i dont think i have to explain it
  20. Natural Vibrations

    Natural Vibrations Registered+

    Hella dumb - need to add milk

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