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Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by bry0con, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. bry0con

    bry0con Registered

    im new 2 the scene of cannabies when it comes 2 buying it.
    im wanting 2 know how much an ounce is (is oz short for ounce)
    and like 12 grams or just 1 gram to get a beta idea

    (smoke it up)
  2. kiwi

    kiwi Registered+

    :D The easiest way to look at is that a $50 bag shud weigh 5grms, half a oz shud be bout 15grms and be bout $300. Just remember that it about $10 a grm here....this way works for me....each to there own i spose :D
  3. adh endo

    adh endo Registered+

    about $10 a gram/a joint (marijuana cigarette)

    ( i know a guy who knows a guy ;) Oz for under $350 )

    an Ounce should be approx 28grams. (says my scales and conversions website)

    Bud Valuation Assesment is a dificult skill.
  4. Chilled Out

    Chilled Out Registered

    What part of NZ you cats from? $350 should get u a primo oz, $300 a good oz, but if u go to the wops - somewhere like Wanganui or some place (u gotta know someone of course) - u can get oz's for $200-$250.

    Just buy small amounts at first, til u get to know the dealers and the smokin folks (best to roll up or have a sesh with them when u buy) and soon u'll get to know more peeps, then they'll get u the hook-ups for the better scores.

    And an ounce should weigh 31grams including the bag, cos a bag weighs approx 3grams.
  5. Lucagrow

    Lucagrow Banned

    Project overgrow i say!!!!
    Get those ounces freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    grow it smoke it love it!
  6. adh endo

    adh endo Registered+

    i oz $350 primo skunk, $180 outdoor grown (but still decent buds)

    ill be growing one day, perhaps not too distant future. got no seeds yet but im living at home during this semester so yeah...
  7. kiwi

    kiwi Registered+

    :eek: Hubby and i grow so I a bit out of touch on prices, but when I sell it I do it for $250 a oz, and thats for indoor :confused:
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  8. Mogizzle

    Mogizzle Registered+

    You sell at that price for skunk kiwi?
  9. SkunkNZ

    SkunkNZ Registered+

    Here in wellington a get an oz for $350 and thats for pretty good skunk not to sure on the strain tho but a realy good smoke, for $250 i get ya avrage qulity weed
  10. blaza

    blaza Registered

    i live in nelson nd i can get skunky oz's for $250 some of the prices u's r saying r outrages
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  11. TiMo

    TiMo Registered

    Sucks to be in the south

    Yeah, hard! You guys should be paying absolute max $300 for an ounce. Unless a joint will make you trip out for days on end it's not worth any more than that. Up here (Whangarei) you can score skunky stuff, because it's a good season this year round, for about $150.

    Oz: $300
    1/2 Oz: $150
    $100 Bag
    $50 Bag
    $20 Tinny
    $10 Joint (I wouldnt buy them from anyone unless u want Meningitis or other infections)
  12. haze123

    haze123 Registered

    Wanga Vegas Represent!
  13. srs18

    srs18 Registered

    Depends on time of season its hell dry in Hams @ moment all ppl i know out except 1. As such the ozs go up to 350, but normally 300 this is nice indoor.
    Outdoor seems to be alot cheaper 200 - 250 normally.
    Dont know where u get the 1 gram = $10 rule m8, 1 gram = a tin or so, = $20. But u buy in ounces then its around tht figure.
  14. Nav Man

    Nav Man Registered+

    omg....300 for half an o.....
    ur getting ripped....
    unless its like the mean one hit quit skunk
    is it just me or does nz only have very few famous strains...
    ive only ever heard bout white rhino . white widow . purple haze . ak47...
    and bublegum and thats bout it...
  15. Blayzd

    Blayzd Registered+

    i been buying buds for a while and yeah i seen sum CRAZY prices like 450 for an oz(never bought 1 oz for more den 350 tho) usually wheigh it and then give the cash
  16. GetDown

    GetDown Registered+

    1/2 for 300???? where the fuck are u buying ure shit from..... then again it is nz..... here in melb a 1/4 ounce goes for bout 100, but if u got an excellent hook up u can get it for about 50, one time i got it for 30, but thats a long story.....
  17. smokiemickpot

    smokiemickpot Registered+

    Oz,half oz'z,tins(stick in australia) Q's?..Why the hell do you fullas buy that shit?..buy in bulk and save boys!..over here we pay two eight for a pound..you do the math..(for those of you who can't,just read on) That works out to 175 an oz.rather good I say for some A+ shit

    Bong On!
  18. Hi my name is....

    Hi my name is.... Registered+

    little kids, $2500 a pound in the land of the long white cloud NZ$1-Aus80c you do the math
  19. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    in wa at the moment things r grim and have been paying 350 last year i was paying 280:(
  20. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    i dont buy ponds but last time i got a 1/2 pond it cost 1600

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