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Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by bry0con, Feb 22, 2005.

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    I've bought pounds "from a friend" at $1500 grown down in the south of WA, excellent smoke, but yeah Perth is pretty dry smokenss, if you can find any up there you are doing better than I did when I was up there ... I hated the place with a vengeance.

    Sorry, no idea what it's like in NZ!
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    yes perth sux iv been sending the wife and her friend and it takes them like 8 to 24hrs to find 2 or 3 ozzies and the 1/2 pounds i get r at manji and northciff but its been a while since iv been down there
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    Hey hows it goin fellow bud luvin bruvas this here is my first post on here, so howdy.
    Anyyway i just wanted to put forward my theory on why perth has been so dry lately. I remember last season the pigs scored a huge crop bust somewhere just out of perth in the bush, and a couple of not so huge but still pretty f'n decent hydro setups. Thats why i reckon it's been dry for a while but fingers crossed they dont get too much more and things go back to the way they were. It used to be no worries at all to get alot of goood shit. but hey i got my grow goin so im not too fussed about it:thumbsup:. I will get some pic's of it pretty soon so some of u pro's can give us your opinion:weedpoke:
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    nahh nt even

    nahh.. for a mean oz 32gm roughly 350-$400 that is skunky potent buds(white rhino, afghan,medicine man)
    $50 bag is 2 gm
    $20 is 1 gm


    blaze everyday!!!
    legalize it!!advertise it!!

    smoke weed everyday!

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    weed in wellington

    Speaking theoretically of course about a hypothetical person, how can a guy find some weed in Wellington NZ?

    Picture a transplanted foreigner, use to a steady supply of premium quality in his home city. (Those were the days).

    Now in Wellington and loving the city and the people, but in serious angst about lack of connections. Rumor had it that it was easily available in Courtney or Manners, but walks through there made this completely fictional character none the wiser.

    Probably this imaginary person is just way out of practice in spotting the obvious sources. Gone soft and all that. Perhaps a kindly kiwi could point the way?
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    Ist here anyone here that will help a friend in need??I am in Auckland looking for a hundys worth ie a quarter or so ...please please get back to me 0211280481
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