WEED your RIGHTS and the COPS

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Gatekeeper777, Feb 9, 2007.

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    its been posted a lot.. but its something that needs to be fresh in peoples mind..

    maybe that link should be stickied? that way we can stop seeing what should i do posts
  3. Gatekeeper777

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    I got tired of seeing posts like this i got busted by the cops.
    I dont understand why some pople will take the time to learn how to roll a blunt but wont take the time to keep from going to jail.
  4. JackdaWack

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    ya know what man, your absolutly right, im sick of people waiting until it affects them to realize what the problem is. The real problem is ppl want to smoke weed and just be left alone, it doesnt work that way, not now atleast. If your going to break the law, atleast know how to protect yourself.
  5. Myth1184

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    or if you wana smoke your weed...do it at home..and dont drive.

    Treat it just like alchohol, dont drink and drive...dont toke and drive.
  6. Amun

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    maybe they deserve to be in jail anyway........

    at least we are smart. ;D
  7. 2600HERTZ

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    This is pretty important stuff.
  8. HiInOC

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    haha that was a great video.great acting.

    i got FUCKED one time. i was on my way home from the cannabis club in my friends car, got pulled over and cop asked to search the car and he like an idiot consented to the search so the cops took my weed, ( but gave my pipe back) gave me a ticket and said since you have ur MM card as soon as you show it to the judge the charges are dismissed its really easy. in the mean time the other four cops cops open my weed containers that i havent even opened yet and smell them. one cops says this one is better than this one. so i have court soon its been awhile called the court and still no charges have been filed. i doubt they ever will. they just wanted my bud to themselves :cursing:
  9. Aristotle

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    Pussy! Toking and driving is my personal past-time. Love it, love it, love it!
  10. Dr.Hashman

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    I just toke everynight at about 9pm, then I fall asleep by 11pm. I have never been able to fall alseep until 3am and then I wake up at 6am. Then I started smoking this indica stuff my friend gets constantly, and I fall asleep every night at 11pm and wake up at 7am. So I don't toke and drive, but I am guilty of getting the muchies!
  11. harris7

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    Hey, I read Cannabis Culture Mag. and almost ever issue has an article or two on legal matters. This month it tells you what to do to plan getting busted growing/dealing and what the court process is like.

    its a great resource i suggest anyone who is interested pick it up. It also has good growing/drying/trimming tips in every issue, i find it very helpful thats why i'm posting it.

  12. Fissle

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    THANK YOU! my buddy sent me that video and I sent it to so many people and almost all said they were to fucking lazy to watch it
  13. Gatekeeper777

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    maybe they will be to lazy to bend over for bubba. and toke on his Ti- stick.
  14. hempplaya

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    why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly? :hippy: :stoned:

    yeah i get sick of readin all the "What should i do now?" or "HEEEEELLLLLLP BUSTED!!!" posts
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    I wish I was able to watch the video. But I'm unable to because I don't have a computer. But a buddy of mine was just recently sentenced to 3 years, after being busted growing 200+ plants in his 3 car garage. He got busted with a total dry yield of 8,900+ grams. Completely sucks, he had 3 strains goin, NL #5, NYC Diesel, and WW. His brother(grow partner) was busted the next day with over over 400 plants, dry yield of just over 20,000+ grams. He got 3 years as well.
  16. Reefer Rogue

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  17. flyingimam

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    3 years?! only 3 years?! OMG!!!!

    in TX u may get up to 20 years for that! minimum of 2!!!!
    Texas - NORML

    still sad that there is any jailtime, but these videos are more about illegal search and seizure resulting from a traffic stop
  18. naturesmeds

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    If you're not willing to fight & die for your freedom, you deserve to be in jail.
    Who is the smart one now?!

    Everybody is smoking & no one is getting high.
    John Lennon

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