week 2 of flowering

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by BobBong, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    hey gang!
    just thought i'd post some pics here since i can't upload em to the gallery.


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  2. smokealot123

    smokealot123 Registered+

    wow man, nice big healthy looking plants.. well done:thumbsup:
  3. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    nice plants, how old are they?
  4. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    couldn't tell you exactly how old they are actually.. but about its 9th week of growth.

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  5. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    one more

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  6. trey2s

    trey2s Registered+

    Keep it up! :thumbsup:
  7. The Baked Head

    The Baked Head Registered+

    way to go bob! they look very healthy!
  8. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+


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