Week 5, plants seemed to lock on producing.

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by KingGidorah, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. KingGidorah

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    Hey guys, I am currently flowering and in week 5, tomorrow will be week 6. I am running 40 buckets with 10 1,000 watt sodiums. 12 on 12 off. the first 4 weeks were great, I was getting good growth but did have a few issues in between. I went on a 3 days trip and a friend that I thought was watching my home let my temp fluctuate a whopping 50 degrees. Day temp was 50 degrees and night he let it get to 100 degrees. So I got the dreaded PM. I have burned sulphur twice and it seems to be controlled for now. Unfortunately my girls seem to be on lock. My buds aren't filling in and I am worried. The strains are SD, CD, and OG. OG is the only one that seems to be filling in and looking good. Does anyone know what the issue could be? is there a nute I can add that will push the growth of the buds?
  2. tinytoon

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    Are you using any kind of Bloom boost like Koolbloom?? What line of nutes you using?? Koolbloom is part of the GH line
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    Its the temps that stopped your bud growth. Maintain 65-70 and buds grow for sure. I have seen it with my own eyes. Was running 75-80 and buds stopped growing. A bit lower than 65 with lights out is even better 60 perfect.
  4. KingGidorah

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    Currently using House and Garden. Aqua Flakes A n B and Bud XL, multi zen, and Cal Mag Plus. Going to be adding shooting powder next week.
  5. tinytoon

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    Sorry but I dont have a clue about the stuff your using for nutes :D but from seeing an item called BudXL I'm guessing you are.
  6. LOC NAR on probation

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    How much fresh air are they getting ?

    Sorry but just a temp difference won't do that or how do they get buds to grow in Hawaii ? Temps are always 90 or so.

    Sounds more like PH lock out or to me it sounds like 6 weeks is when they seems alittle slow but pick back up and put on the weight. If they don't get enough fresh air meaning CO2 thing slow down to a stop. 40 plants and 10- 1000 watt light really burn up the co2 in a room.
  7. KingGidorah

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    They seem to have picked back up, added some Kool Bloom to them and they have started packing on again, just have to spray them tonight to control that damn PM. 3 weeks to go, I don't need anymore issues.
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    OK so today I went to do some gardening and one of my plants is getting a lot of yellow. I have placed pics of the leaves I pulled and was wondering what it could be. I am in week 6 soon to be 7 on Monday. Anyone know what could be going on? could it be from me burning Sulfur?

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  9. drudown11

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    nitrogen defiency.

    not to uncommon this late into flower.

    BTW i use House and garden and get EXCELLENT results. Some of the best nutrients on the market in the United States

    How long into flower are you?
  10. KingGidorah

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    I am in week 6 will be 7 on Monday and I am going to flower for 9 weeks. Some of my girls are a bit thin but went with KB instead of shooting powder (price) so i am hoping it helps give them a push in the next 3 weeks.

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