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    Hi everyone. This is my first post ever in a Marijuana forum. I'm originally from south Europe and I used to grow outdoors quite a lot. I'm not anymore in a warm sunny country and I decided to keep my bong habits. Because low profile growing is a must for me, I have a small wardrobe with 2 CBD Mango Haze and 1 Critical+. I'm only using a fan and 300w LED (power drain 140w). I'll be installing an extraction air system later, if needed.

    The CBD Mango Haze have now nearly 2 weeks on vegetative stage, the critical less than one week.

    Something is wrong with one of the CBD's, and I can't figure out what:

    The leafs started to grow in a very different shape from the healthiest one, more large and with some small stains. I can also observe some curving on the edges of the leafs. I thought it would be over nutrients (I'm using Bio Bizz all mix since day one). Gave it a full watering round (not a flush), which I was avoiding because the pots are too big for this stage but she insists keep growing with weird leafs. Can someone please give me some hints on how to sort this and what's happening? Thanks a lot.

    First 5 images are from the sick one, next the healthier CBD and then the small critical+.


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