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    Hi there, I’ve been growing for a while now but after I got a bit of powdery white mildew on one of my plants I saw a cure to mix baking soda with water and spray it on the leaves. Turns out I made the mixture way too concentrated and this “burned” the plant. It seems to be recovering but one thing that has been happening to all the leaves, even newly grown ones, is weird brown dots on the leaves. It’s not a growth, it’s the actual leaves turning white in round spots and then turning brown. I have looked through a lot of common ailments but none of them seem to be the problem I have. image.jpg I think it might be nutrient burn but I can’t be sure. If someone can help me find a possible sickness and/or cure I would be very grateful.
  2. Weezard

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    If they were in full light when you sprayed them, those "dots" are burn marks.
    Hope you rinsed the baking soda off and did not let it get into the soil.
    It has an extremely high PH and will cause nute lockout.

    It this is the case, flush with PH 6.0-7.0 water, as you rinse the leaves.
    Then leave the poor thing be while she recovers.

    A better treatment for P.M. is Citric acid @ 1 tablespoon per gallon.
    Add 1 drop of detergent and wipe the leaves with a soft cloth soaked it it.
    That will remove the fruiting spores and discourage further infection.
    It give better coverage than spraying and does not get in the soil.

    Wee 'zard
  3. Yadam

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    I will do just that. Thanks for the advice and swift response!
  4. Mass Medicinals

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    We wouldn't see this issue as nutrient deficiency. Those burnt tips could indicate nutrient abundance. pH fluctuation results in a spotty bleaching of the fan leaves.

    We agree with Weezard, and if you are in soil the pH should be between 6.0 - 7.0 ( sweet spot being closer to 6.5). That will help the plant absorb the most of the nutrients in the medium and hopefully return to good health faster.
  5. Yadam

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    Thanks, I will keep the PH between those levels
  6. sugar guru

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    What is you potassium level?
  7. sugar guru

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    Potassium in excess can cause brown spots, you n=may need to test leaf samples for excess potassium and may have your answer, I have a liquid Brown sugar that is organic and has other nutrients in it. We get results when we given a chance, let me know.

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