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    Hi Guys,

    I consider myself a first time grower even if its the 3rd time I try to grow. This is the one I am really into that doing a lot of researches and trying to follow the best practices.

    I have two points for this post.

    1 - My plants are taking to much time to grow
    2- One of them is growing very weirdly comparing to the plants I have seen around.

    The two plants presented in the pictures were planted at the very same day and they have a noticeable height difference, they are at least 4 weeks old.

    The smallest one grows apparently normally (aesthetic) but with 4 weeks old is just 2 inches tall and the other one is 5 inches tall but seems very weird.

    The bigger one has some different patterned and wider leaves and grew just 2 nodes (as per my understanding) so far, and the secondary stems are growing more than the main one. Is it normal?

    I have been treating they the same way.
    My set:
    2x 60W LED bulb
    1x 23W CFL bulb
    1 Fan
    10-10-5 fertilizer
    distance to light : 8-10 inches

    Important : I do not have PHmeter and I have been using natural bottled water to water them. Would be the PH the responsible for my problem?

    I could not upload their pictures to the post so here you go.

    What should I do? How do you see my plants ?
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