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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Buds Buddy, Aug 30, 2018.

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    I planted 25 seeds & out of all of them I got 1 plant that just doesn't want to grow branches. It's about 18" tall & has several single very large leaves coming from the main stalk; but just single leaves, no branches. Is this weird or what ??? It's a very nice looking plant, just no side branches.
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    Where's a photo? I've had a few like that throughout my life. A couple that wouldn't branch past the container too. Not always the worst, but more than likely male I'd bet, if we were blind betting. Any more back story about the genetics?
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    Wish I could take some pics. Left my camera in the car last week & I guess the heat fried it. Tried new batteries & SD card but wont work anymore. Time to get a new one.
    All I know is they are bag seeds from OG Fire. I started with 25 seeds & all sprouted. 1 of them only grew a couple inches & runted out so I tossed it. I took cuttings from 17 of the bigger plants to determine sex. got 8 females & 9 males. 9 males are gone. I put those 8 into flower 2 days ago & took cuttings from the remaining 7 & they are in the tent with the flowering 8 plants. The 7 I don't know sex of yet are still in my veg tent. There's 1 plant I sure hope is a female so I can keep it as a mother to clone from.
    Hoping to get 3-4 more females from the remaining 7 plants. Well I guess height is not a real good indicator of the sex. Most of my taller (close to 3') plants ended up being female. I was sure surprised. My tallest of all already has white hairs popping out all over the place. I was convinced it was going to be a male...but it's not so I am a smiling.
    Oh, I also transplanted the female cuttings from the 1st go round because weedzer said I could get a couple grams to sample from them before my actual grow / flower comes to an end. I figure may as well try it. The cuttings have lots of white hairs so it appears it will work.

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