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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by stinkyattic, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. stinkyattic

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    I'd like to extend a warm welcome to new growers, old growers arriving for the first time, and aspiring growers considering their first grows!

    Please enjoy the 'Grow FAQ' as well as the stickies in each forum section. These have been assembled by current and former members and moderators over the course of several years and represent, collectively, CENTURIES of grow experience!

    We will try to answer any questions you have that aren't covered, and even some that are, haha... familiarize yourself with some basic info first though. It will help you to already know a little about the plant and its needs before getting too technical.

    Again, welcome, and happy growing!
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  2. MVP

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    Ok kids, repeat after me "High Miss Stinky"....

    She is a wise soul that knows and shares much here at CannCom. Please read the stickies and learn how to "google search" the forums. There is a sticky describing that as well. Learn how to post in the correct forums if you are looking for help (example: Plant Problems for, well..... plant problems)

    We are all here to learn so read, read, read, and follow along a few Grow Logs if so inclined. It is quite educational.... Enjoy
  3. bharv2003

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    Thanks for the welcome...getting great info from the site!!! :jointsmile: Thanks everyone for the wonderful insight!
  4. natureboy

    natureboy Registered

    Thanks for the welcome and for having this site. I am getting alot of helpful knowlege from reading your forums. And I really appreciate the feedback everybody gives. Thanks again guys.
  5. vitomic

    vitomic Registered

    when to start feeding

    when to feed your plant. plant is 2 weeks old has 2 sets of leaves about 1/2 inch long each leef. fox farm soil of. also is fan needed on plant at this stage or just have it circulateing around .
  6. pedi

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    thanx 4 da welcome. Im a new grower and would to know if there is any leaf that u know of in michigan that will make a good tea post for my girls that I jus recently started in flower and how do I go about trimming my bushy fan leaves
  7. AnDrEaL121

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    Thanks for the welcome!! How R u doing today?...Im so glad Ive found this site.. last nite was up late .. reading .. reading... a lot of helpful info on here:Rasta:
  8. pipesdaddy

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    Lots of thanks for the welcome!! People will get lots of information from it. It's really going to help them if they are passionate.
  9. Four Green Thumbs

    Four Green Thumbs Registered

    This site is amazingggg. Everyone here is awesome and extremely helpful.
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  10. Ease

    Ease Registered

    Thanks for the welcome......looking forward to many happy days..........Doin it with ease.
  11. Gayooooho

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  12. This website is amazing. I have learned so much from you all!
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  13. PsandQs

    PsandQs Registered

    You should pull up some information and history on it to her. My mother didn't agree with it at one point in time too. She is very religious person. When I moved out the first thing I did was start growing bud. I have a website on my profile and the site shows you my method. Its an energy efficient method and you'll literally be growing plants without soil. I did this shit because I don't have much money. So if you want to grow again add me and check my site out. I still not too much experienced in growing but I have successfully cultivated some white widow so my method does work. As for parents who aren't of this generation they won't understand lol smh

  14. Traaaaw

    Traaaaw Registered

    I just got my my medical card & it's say I can grow as long as the area doesnt exceed 100 square feet. Does it matter how much plants I grow??
  15. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    stinky is long gone... she will not answer you. I would check with your county office that controls such things, but it sounds like you have quite a bit of room... a lot more than I have; and that you can fill it with as many plants as you can manage.
  16. Traaaaw

    Traaaaw Registered

    I've tried looking up the info for my county ( Tulare county ) I see 99 plants then I see 24.
  17. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    phone calls with specific questions work well.
  18. Traaaaw

    Traaaaw Registered

    I will give it a try thank you
  19. Mr. K

    Mr. K Registered

    Great place thanks
  20. Mike D

    Mike D Registered

    Hey everybody! New grower here and getting some useful information from the Forums... Awesome!

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