Were to get a good hash making silk screen?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by truthseeker, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. truthseeker

    truthseeker Registered+

    I got a bunch of great crystal cuttings from my lady's.can't find a silk screen box for me please it would help me alot thanks alot.
  2. orangeman

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  3. GrowRebel

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    This is where I got my screen from ... it was years ago, but they are still there .....

  4. truthseeker

    truthseeker Registered+

    thanks guys do you know of a local place i dont got a credit card.If there is a local place would it have the same qulity as those sites???
  5. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    I don't know about local stuff .... I would contact the company and see if they will take a money order ... most likely they will ...
  6. TheGreenFog

    TheGreenFog Registered+

    Try getting the screen at an Art supply store, and make the box/frame from scrap wood. It should be relatively inexpensive and definitely worth it! MMMMmmm hash...:)

    Edit: I just googled it and they have an actual screen printing kit with a 10" x 14" printing screen. It didn't say how much, but I'm sure its not too bad.

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  7. truthseeker

    truthseeker Registered+

    I went to this arts and crafts store and they had just what i needed.I made my blonde hash brick it was pretty well thanx
  8. mistyganjatree

    mistyganjatree Registered+

    BELIEVE ME! you can also hire them from grow shops! saves spending all that money!
  9. truthseeker

    truthseeker Registered+

  10. TheGreenFog

    TheGreenFog Registered+

    The link no workey. But I'll go check out your theat soon. I think I may have even seen it one time already. Is it white?

  11. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    hmmm, silk screen for hash....hammm, EUREKA! ive got it watson! the answer to this mystery is...pantyhose....:D
  12. 17745one

    17745one Registered

    Where to get custom silk screen boxes

    MR.Keifbox | MySpace

    He makes them himself, lots of choices plus he can do custom artwork. The price range is 40 & up, but well worth it! <3
  13. weedman9

    weedman9 Registered+

    Here you can buy a hash screen


    I have purchased my screen on this site Space zeven,professional hash screens they have well explained on their site how you can make good hash.
    The hashish which i make with this screen is vey tasty. I live in Holland and it is certainly just as good quality as the hashish from the dutch coffee shops.

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