wet hash. to dry or not?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by sbprzn420, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. sbprzn420

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    I bought a quarter of hash recently and it looks decent dark brown but on further notice it was very moist and wouldnt light in a bowl. so i put it out to dry on the paper towel and it now weighs 5.5 after losing the moisture! should i keep drying it and make it lose even more weight or should i just light it a little before i smoke it to dry it? keep in mind im trying to sell some of it to make my money back so if it loses more weight im losing money.

    any advice appreciated
  2. sbprzn420

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  3. Jaerl

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    Sry mate, i know nothing about Hash....

  4. orange floyd

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    well are u selling weighed bags? if im selling anything less than a quarter, then i just put enough to look good in a given size bag, regardless of weight.
  5. powerrobbie

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    Orange floyd, i wouldnt rip people off like that, you know your not the only one with a scale. if you cant give people proper counts then don't sell, i've have weed that looked so fat i could pass a 5 peice to people and claim it was over a gram, but I don't rip off the clientile, ya gotta keep em comin back for more
  6. orange floyd

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    im not talking about ripping off anyone at all. idk by u, but by me, for small bag amounts, there really isnt an exact set weight for $10 and $20 bags, it varies greatly on quality and how much you payed for it. each dealer sets their own prices, within a given range
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    If the hash isn't too wet anymore, I would just smoke it or sell it. Burn some in a bowl first to see how good it burns. If it burns good enough, then smoke it or whatever.

    It's only a 1/4 now at 5.5g's that we're talking here, so a point or two of a gram is no big deal in my opinion. Buying in grams and such you shouldn't expect top notch service. You get what you pay for, you know.

  8. soteksguard

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    Yeah, but a good dealer knows their own prices, and without a scale, you're just guessing. There's no point in buying from someone who can't tell you how much they're selling you, and won't be able to sell you the same amount next time.

    Street dealers are lame.

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