Wet Vs. Dry weight.

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by elskeetro, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    I'm wondering what everyone thinks about weight/water loss.

    I had always thought that your dry weight would be about 25% of the wet weight. (i.e.- 1 oz would dry down to about 1/4 oz). and i have found that to be quite true with all of my harvests.

    a brief discussion in another thread suggests this:

    What does everyone else think? Am i Losing too much weight? if so, HELP?!?!

    Skeet, The Anorexic.
  2. GoldenGraham84

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    your wet weight vs. dry weight is pretty similar with mine. had ~60g from last harvest, dried out to about 20g. those other guys are just lucky. pricks... :jointsmile:
  3. Revanche21

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    check out my previous grow log for wet weight compared to the final dry weight
  4. TurboALLWD

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    Reality sucks but i never knew it sucked this bad. I expected 2 1/2-3oz dry off of my two plants under a 600w hps but it looks like i could get a LOT less.
  5. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    watch my current log i encourage guesses :)
  6. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    Here's the math of it using the weights from your last harvest:

    Wet: 347.3g
    Dry: 75.6g

    75.6 x 100 = 7560
    7560/347.3 = 21.76%

    Looks like my 20-25% holds true for you too. good. makes me feel better.

    I have no idea yet for your current grow...haha...i'll say...500g wet...roughly 100-125g dry...

  7. McDanger

    McDanger Registered+

    That is about what I got on my last 2 harvests. 25% of harvest weight after curing.
  8. NoDrugs4Me

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    if the "dry" weight is any higher than like 28% of the wet weight, be careful how you store it. i smoked a bud that had hidden mold once... ended up fairly sick...

    i measure wet weight, and then dry the zandor way... hangin the whole thing up with air movement all around (not directly on them). once my weight becomes ~26-27% of wet weight i start curing and end up with about 25% of total wet weight....

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