What are blunt wraps made of?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Zero06, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Zero06

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    So about 95% of the time my friends and I smoke blunts. Its just what people do in my city and it gets us all ripped. So I'm wondering what exactly they are even made of? I'm guessing its tobbaco but maybe some are made of different materials. Anyone know?
  2. veggii

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    schwisher sweets take out tabacco and out in weed roll and smoke duh! :thumbsup:
  3. epilepticme

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    They are made from tobacco and can cause serious lung damage.
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  4. Zero06

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    But I bet the blunt wraps are better for your lungs than the blunt shells you got to empty tobacco out of because they are made for smoking ganja. But maybe not lol.

    Blunts are the only way to go for me though. Getting caught with a bowl is 10 times worse than getting caught with weed where I live.
  5. DaBudhaStank

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    hahaha, no, blunts in all forms are still gonna be bad for you, shell and leaf are all made from tobacco. They're cigars first, blunts second.

    Get a bong and smoke in your residence. Goodbye risk of getting caught.
  6. FlyGuyOU

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    Ok I'm pretty sure this dude is talking about Blunt wraps, not cigars. You don't have to hollow out wraps, as they are just a sheet. They aren't tobacco I'm assuming b/c you don't get a nic buz from them. Probably some cellulose based product....
  7. jimmy8778

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    the blunt is made completely from tobacco. the wrap is just tobacco "paper" like making real paper but with tobacco instead of leaves. the leaf if you use it is made from dried tobacco leaf, notice the stems that run through the outer/green leaf. then filled with you guessed it, tobacco. im an expert roller.
  8. the image reaper

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    the 'paper' used for wrapping cigars, etc., is called 'tobacco', but in truth, it is basically floor sweepings, and scraps, from tobacco processing ... in simple terms, it's 'trash' ... my uncle was a KY tobacco farmer, he took me to the tobacco warehouses, etc., when I was young ... yeah, I was young, once (in a faraway place, a long, long, time ago) :wtf:
  9. epilepticme

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    From Wiki:

    This is directly from a national blunt wrap manufacturers web site:
    Blunt Wrap Product

    "This is a packaged cigar tube for holding an end user's tobacco fill material comprising a sheet of material made of tobacco leaves and/or homogenized tobacco paper."

    Blunts are not recommended for medical use. They give you all the poisons of cigarettes without a filter.

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  10. the image reaper

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    yes, they're right, "homogenized tobacco paper", in other words, scraps ... just like making particle board, etc., it's just leftovers ... roll joints with good papers, instead :jointsmile:
  11. StickyfingahZ

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    First time I puffed on a blunt,I hated it.it was harsh and not very enjoyable,but alot of people seem to dig it.
  12. stinkybudz

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    plus they arent the best tasting either, but i think all tobacco tastes like dirt
  13. MousePadProphet

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    Isn't paper more or less just as unhealthy..?
  14. blazetbone

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    check out cyclones blunt wraps. They have tobacco leaf ones but also clear ones that look really cool. The clear is made from asiatic cotton mallow, whatever that is. They have great flavors like grape, trainwreck, the purple unknown, etc. They come in a tube so after you've packed it you can carry it in your pocket without crushing it. It also comes with a stick to pack the shake into the cone. I get them for about a dollar each and some have two wraps per tube.:jointsmile:
  15. baalpeteor

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    best thing is to get kingsize papers. They are the same size as rillos (what we use down in the south for our blunts). Raw makes unbleached unchlorinated all natural vegan papers. My fav, their Connoisseur kingsize slim, even comes with the unbleached roach tips and a stretchy thing that keeps it all together nicely :)

    if you must have a blunt tho, however, especially one you can pack like a cyclone that is all natural, there are the amico sweet palm leaf blunt:

    Sweet palm manufacture website if you want to read more on how they are made/whats in them. The filter is a corn cob. It really does keep the smoke cooler (as the smoke travels through the many holes of the corncob)

    Speaking of, I need to order a few more of those. Last time I had one i actually tasted the weed (versus a flavorful blunt)

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