What are rules for purchasing cannabis items when visiting CO?

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by DJTechnoDonkey, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Hi people. I am absolutely positively brand new to cannabis. I have never smoked, or eaten edibles, or anything else. But I have multiple friends in Cali who swear to god that cannabis is what they use for pain relief.

    I’ve had debilitating pain in my legs and feet for 16+ years. I am tired of being in pain. I am really tired of taking pain pills, and I’ve personally cut down my doses a lot, but I can’t do it all the way because of the pain. I need to figure out if there are products that can help me with pain.

    I’ve read many things, and some reports are conflicting. Some papers write that CBD is what helps, and others write that it’s THC that helps. My purpose in trying products is not to get high AF, I want pain relief, and to feel just a lil less depressed and sad.

    In MN, I can’t try anything from a dispensary until I get off my meds completely, which pretty much can’t happen for me until I know some cannabis product can help.

    QUESTION: If I come to Colorado by car for a few days visit. What are the laws about me purchasing...stuff? Do I need to apply for some kind of paperwork or card? And then what? I can go to any store..err...dispensary and buy whatever I want?

    Are any of you here taking cannabis for pain relief? Can you tell me what you take? I understand there’s even cannabis candy and food? Or is it easier to take capsules? Can someone recommend what to try for pain relief?

    Also. I’m very confused by seeing things on youtube. Some people smoke pot, and fall asleep in an hour, and others like some guy named Wiz Khalifa smoked 6 pounds of pot a day, and then drinks THC, eats THC, takes THC enemas, and is never sleepy. How does that work?

    Thank you everyone.
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    Without a Colorado Med card you are limited to 1 ounce per day whether you are a Colorado resident or not. You just have to be over 21. What you are looking for is cannabis that is high in CBDs for the best medical effect. There are lots of products on the recreational side of the dispensary that have high CBD contents. You can buy an ounce and then go across town and buy another ounce at a different dispensary... or so I've heard.

    I have a Colorado Med card and can buy up to 2 ounces per day, but it also gives me access to those products that are designed to have a much higher CBD content.
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    It's a free market. If your out of state and looking for cbd high product normally sold in a medical dispensary, I'm sure you could order what you want and get the product in a fairly reasonable time. You'd still be limited 1 once per day though. I'm sure recreational dispensaries get asked all the time by out of state visitors for stuff your more likely to find in a medical dispensary. It's not rocket science to figure a LOT of people might make a trip to CO to try out something to help with their medical problems. Even if they can't get to CO on a regular basis, they'd be interested in trying a few things to see if cannabis stuff could help, just out of curiosity.
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    ADabLDo just fine thank you sir may I have another....

    This is Colorado talk here folks...

    Well now there is no need for a med card I have no clue why anyone would get one unless its bureaucratic red tape, for rec if you are out of state you can purchase 1/4 ounce from one dispensary at a time. There is no record of your purchase so you may go to several in one day. The possession level for out out state residents I am pretty sure is one ounce, and for CO residents we get to tote around two ounces, that's half an elbow!!!!
    In state you can purchase 1 ounce for rec.

    That is flower. Concentrates are different but I never have that much to even come close to the threshold.

    If you are looking for pain relief CBD's are awesome. But if you like THC also stick with an Indica only. Do not use sativa for it may cause you to think about stuff too much, such as the pain. So don't freak out and relax man...

    Remember ADabLDo that's "A Dab L Do Fool!!!"
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    Glad you're not my dealer. Two ounces is half of a half of a half of an elbow.... If I got a pound that weighed 4 ounces, I'd be a bit upset.
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    That is why I am not a dealer or never will be :p
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    Definitely get yourself some 1:1. THC-CBD hybrid. It's very light but the effects of the CBD are great if your looking for pain relief and just starting out. Not into the oil vapor too long but I'll tell you I'm not interested in the regular pot anymore. If you do the hybrid understand it takes a while to work. It has to get into your system so be patient and use it every day. It's like anything else including supplements, they take a while but notice a difference after a few weeks. This is how it works for me anyway, everybody is different. The 1:1 should not make you sleepy at all but again, depends on the person. My take after a month or so is this; I don't classify it as a pain killer however, it relaxes your nervous system all the way down to your furthest extremities which naturally has an effect on pain. I find that my hands and feet are warm after vaping clearly improving circulation. If circulation is good the proper nutrients in your blood attack pain. I myself am taking note on the ride up and notice also I feel good during the day and seldom think about pain. I have to work, think and function so I don't ever use anything heavy during the day. A little indica at night works for me. Good Luck on your journey and I hope you find relief!
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    Case your wondering why some people are energetic when using marijuana and some are sleepy: Indica or Sativa
    Sativa gives you energy and creativity
    Indica makes you relaxed and sleepy.

    Some strains were created for insomniacs. Take Night Nurse and Original Glue. There's many strains for helping you to sleep.

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