What are your pipe's names?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Paulkishi, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Paulkishi

    Paulkishi Registered+

    Just name your pipes!!!

    My first bowl - Baby Thunder

    Chillum - The little flamer (cuz the glass purposely looks like a flamer)

    Steamroller - Anheyser (as of Anheyser/Busch cuz I got it in florida after being at Busch gardens all day)

    Bong - Long Bong Silver

    Pipe 1 - Baby Thunder 2 Da Maxxx

    Pipe 2 - Baby Thunder 3, The Return

    Sherlock - Gandalf

    Bubbler 1 - Bubbles

    Bubbler 2 - Bungalow Bill

    And thats all of them that haven't broke. Now name yours.
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  2. Veratyr Star

    Veratyr Star Banned

    Old yeller is the first piece I ever bought and Crimson King is my bong.
  3. Johnny McPotSmoker

    Johnny McPotSmoker Registered+

    In order:

    First bong: Katrina
    First bowl: Donald Rumsfeld (taken away by friend's parent)
    Replacement bowl: Cthulu
    pHx duo: <unnamed>
  4. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    First glass bowl (lost) - Quicksand
    2nd glass bowl (parents found) - Poseidon
    3rd (current) glass bowl is nameless
    And my glass bong "the batman bong" because its black and yellow
  5. Hilder420

    Hilder420 Banned

    first pipe i owned, confiscated from a friend @ the beach- peanut
    second pipe (MIA) pinocchio.
    third pipe- Shea, warrior of the faerie folk (died)
    fourth pipe identical to Shea, Suzy Q still kickin
    Glass one hitter- Goldie cuz shes golden yellow turning blue
    and last but certainly not least, Margherita, my 18in. tall glass bong with slider. oh and my party bowl Ladybug, but she hardly ever comes out to play.
  6. Bluntmasterbabe

    Bluntmasterbabe Registered+

    This is the problem...we have a bunch of different pieces, and I believe that we've attempted to give them all a name at some point in time, but we eventually forget what we named them, and it's a never ending cycle. We just named my lil' glass bowl a few days ago, and I remember that it was pretty funny, and two words, like a name...but I can't, for the life of me, remember what we named it! That's my problem. Theres really no use in naming any of them, b/c chances are we'll forget what we named it after a few days:)
  7. Ace977

    Ace977 Registered+

    i only have 1 bowl:( and its called the brainwasher because i was stoned and i thought it looked kinda like a brain lol
  8. thestickyicky

    thestickyicky Banned

    my bong- PINKERTON
  9. THClord

    THClord Registered+

    Bong: Elrond McBong

    havn't named anything else yet
  10. GotWake88

    GotWake88 Registered+

    First bowl: Komodo (has like 10 meanings)
    Bong: Liberty
  11. Rhymenocerus

    Rhymenocerus Registered+

    i just have one small piece now, its a little twister named Optimus Prime. It's like the ones they have on grasscity but the middle section is red.
  12. Zedereth

    Zedereth Registered+

    my bowl - Captain America, cuz its red white and blue...well not anymore haha:jointsmile:
  13. beavermint64

    beavermint64 Registered+

    my clay bowl is named Mr. Earth.
  14. voltabud

    voltabud Banned

    i have a small glass piece named DEET, after a good old pot smoker :stoned:
  15. recz0r

    recz0r Registered+


    ^^ Red


    ^^and my boy Blue :D
  16. 3rdEyeVision

    3rdEyeVision Registered+

    i hate naming pieces, all my friends do it and i personally think its so dumb. people treat their bongs like pets or something
  17. junther22

    junther22 Registered+

    nothin wrong with naming a piece to refer to it

    i call my shitty little homemade steamroller jazz man lmao
  18. resma69

    resma69 Registered+

    my current bongs name is karma
  19. Brandotheblazer

    Brandotheblazer Registered+

    my hooka is the Egyptian Princess cause it was made in eygypt and its sexy as hell
  20. Matt the Funk

    Matt the Funk Registered+

    Pipe, un-named.
    Pipe, Nemo.
    Bubbler, Ghost Rider
    Bong, Tokie Williams
    Pipe, Un-named so far
    Bubbler, un-named so far
    Bong, un-named so far

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